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    glock 21 upgrades

    I would like to get a 3.5 trigger spring and aftermarket recoil rod. any suggestions?

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    I would go with the stainless steel guide rod;

    Glock Stainless Steel Guide Rod -

    As far as a trigger job, I would be real careful about making it lighter. Anyway, here is where you want to go for that particular customization;

    Lone Wolf Distributors - Products

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    I would strongly reccomend you do your research before going with a 3.5 pound trigger pull. It's a great idea if you are just target shooting but could really bite you in the backside if used for SD purposes. Vascular dialation and involitary muscle responce especially in a self defense situation where there will be alot happening and damn quickly if you know what I mean. Don't want to hear about a AD/ND because the trigger was lightened up.
    Good luck and God speed
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    I dont know what ppl said that 3.5 trigger is not good , i used my glock 27 with the 3.5 trigger for daily carry never got any type problems with it. dont get after market get the glock trigger is better

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    Watch that trigger weight

    I have come to the conclusion that a 3.5 lb trigger is not what I want on the street because I want absolute control with no mistakes due to too light a trigger. My choice was a 3.5 lb connector and a NY1 spring that gives a uniform 5 lb pull. And all Glock legal for my warranty.
    Not endorsing anyone but Glockmeister has a sale right now on that setup for about $17.

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    well i don't know because in my glock shop in orlando, fl they all recommend the trigger job . They all carry with the 3.5 trigger and the smooth trigger, and that how I carry too.but everyone is different , carry the way you like .

    p.s training yourself to never put the finger in the trigger ,only when you read to shot.

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