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    Thin Skin

    Hey, ya'll, I've been perusing and contributing to this site for over a year, now, and have certainly run across my share of buttheads who don't know how to contribute effectively to a discussion. Some, of course, may say that about me; I can live with that.

    However, it is very serious business which we are about.

    My point here is twofold: 1) If someone needs "educating" we should attempt to do so in a calm, rational name-calling, no " stupid can you be?". We're all in this together and we need information and support. You might just save someone's life if you correct them in such a manner as to encourage them to take your advice. If you piss 'em off, the message you're trying to get across may not make it. We should try to avoid coming across as God's gift to the 2A community, no matter what our credentials may be.

    OTOH....2) Many of us appear way too "thin-skinned" to take any type of constructive criticism. Not good, particularly if the advice is coming from someone "in the know" (e.g., LEO, CWP instructor, Vet, etc.). While I have no military experience, I have spent many years studying martial arts. When that 6th degree black belt calls me out on something, I say "yes sir!" and take the correction. Similarly, when the Range Master/Instructor in a defensive handgun training class criticizes something I'm doing or not doing, I don't argue the point. Again, I say "Yes sir" (or "yes, ma'am") and correct what I'm doing wrong. So, if someone is offering you sound info or advice, be willing to overlook their perhaps harsh delivery and take it for what it's worth. It may be worth your life.


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    The danger with the internet is that there are those out there who claim they are something that they might not be. You may think you're getting advice from an experienced individual, but in reality it's simply some "mall ninja" behind a keyboard.

    Most of us who have been on this site for a while have seen the types I'm talking about. I'm not going to name names, but there have been "desk jockeys" and "mall ninjas" who were called out and made themselves look pretty dumb.

    Bottom line is that it's best to get your info from various sources. There are many of us on this board who enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience. Not all criticizm is bad, and not all advice is good. We're all here to learn and share ideas (or at least that's why I'm here). We can all get along, or if you don't agree with someone, can simply agree to disagree. If there's some info put out that could get someone in serious trouble or killed, then it's the responsibility of all of us to question the information and bring our concerns to the attention of others.

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    There was a Law in the land written about by Robert Heinlein in his book Stranger in a Strange Land which said something along the lines of:

    "You are not allowed to annoy other people, and if you are 'other people', you are not allowed to become too easily annoyed."

    God knows I try...
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    I agree. I try not to let individuals tick me off to where I react to what they are saying rather than respond. Unfortunately I do not always accomplish that. I appreciate the fact that we all do not agree all the time. If someone tells me that they disagree with my view point and "here is the reason why" that I understand. But as said it is the ones that seem to call everyone that they disagree with an idiot, stupid or the like that really get under my skin. For the most part those are the very ones that have no counter points backed up by evidence of their own. I guess God allows those kinds of people to cross our paths to teach us that we need more self control and that we have not arrived at perfection.
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    I would prefer that everyone state their opinions using logic rather than posting personal attacks. Name calling is not debate.

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    I try to add input only in areas that I am somewhat knowledgeable about. It does indeed require a finely tuned BS detector to decipher truth form fantasy.

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    JJ and GF make very excellent points. I stumbled on to this site via and RSS feed and am very gratefull to all here. This is the first forum I ever "hung out" on. I knew that prca, prill and prwi were "unfriendly states", but had no idea what the guys in New England had to go thru. So, Luke_M thank you for this site and the lessons you have provided. The great majority of posts articulate and well thought out (Even the ones when we jokingly pick on each other). If we ever get a chance to meet, I'd rather face a smile and handshake instead of a punch in the nose. If I start out of line, I would expect a smack witha 2x4 and ask what I was thinking. This group is very diversified and our opinions wide ranging, Just simple respect is all that is asked of any us.
    Semper Fi

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    Funny you should post this today. I just saw where my opinion was attacked, and I was called an idiot, or something like that. I didn't pay much attention to it. To make it even better, the person that did it made it his first post. Talk about making an entrance

    I have learned a lot from here. I think the most important thing that I have learned is that I haven't learned enough, and reading about something doesn't get anywhere close to actually doing it. This is a really cool place. If someone doesn't agree with what I say, I try to explain myself. If they seem like they are trying to start a fight, I just ignore it. Easy enough.

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    Oft times in life you would actually be surprised what you can learn simply by listening. I most often speak slowly. After I have heard both sides of a debate then and only after much consideration would I offer an opinion, if I were asked for it. MOST of the time anyway. As for being willing and ready to defend home and family. At the drop of a hat.
    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin

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    JJFlash Writes : "....... have certainly run across my share of buttheads who don't know how to contribute effectively to a discussion.........."

    You are Going to Have to Deal with the Couch Commando and Armchair Experts... BUT I WISH THEY'D AT LEAST STAY ON TOPIC.... Geeesh.
    Fictitious Example: If The Post Title Asks "What Ankle Rig is Comfortable"? Why Do These "Experts" write 'oh get a paddle rig such and such it's better...only idiots carry in ankle holsters.' Blah Blah....

    OFF TOPIC... Not the Question asked and does not add anything....

    OR: "What Ammo Do You Carry in .380"? They Answer... "Everyone Knows the .45ACP is the BEST defense round...Blah Blah... MY Uncle's friend's cousin who is a Cop says this and That....Blah Blah...."

    WTF does That Do or Add to/for the Conversation? Whew.. Vented Now... I Can Get Back to Work.

    Stay Safe... Captain

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