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    It's a P99QA .40, but I'm familiar with the 'baby' eagle. Also a part-time 'smith. what's up?

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    This is an absolutely

    GREAT idea. I got a group of friends from work together a couple of years ago and went shooting up near Bellingham, WA and it went extremely well. We took along a couple of shotguns, a CZ-452 .22, a couple of .380's, my 9mm Sigma and a .22 Buckmark. A friend brought along a Mossberg 500, a .45 and a .38. So, 4 guys, an almost empty range, a couple of thousand rounds of ammo, 300 paper plates and a staple gun = TONS OF FUN!

    Even better was that over the next week, 2 other guys and a gal expressed interest in going along if we did it again. Forget the arguing and debates - win them over with the love of shooting. Sure everyone wants to shoot the Mossberg from 5 yards, loaded with slugs but they get over it and become curious about how things work, aiming and controlling the gun rather than gun control.

    After returning to Memphis, while getting ready to come to Europe, I reconnected with my best friend from college and we met for coffee at a Denny's. After a few cups he wanted to go for beers but I replied I couldn't. He assumed I was a recovering alcoholic or something and *****-footed around a bit but eventually asked if I wouldn't go and sit while he had a beer. I finally told him, "well, I would but I have a .40 semi-auto on my back belt." His reply? "No problem, we can lock it in the trunk of my car with this Ruger under my shirt." The next week we took a tactical course together and had a blast.

    My kids got into it as well and their friends would ask but, unfortunately no parents ever consented to their kids taking a trip to the range. Ah well!

    So, to me these incidents prove how important it is to not act like you're so nervous about people finding out you carry. I love the Wal-Mart report from the other poster but we need to be matter-of-fact about our exercise of choice and rights as others are about their religion, politics and eating habits.

    So, yeah, take a friend (or six) to the range - have some fun, but be SAFE!
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    A friend of mine and I were going to the range this last week, daughter didn't what to go then changed her mind like most Ladies, said she wasn't going to shoot, ok, brought the 22 anyway, friend and I got all done got out the 22 and she shot probably 100 rounds until about dark, she had a great time, and my friend and I had fun helping her, just have to get them out there.:)
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    I've asked my wife several times to go out to the range and try shooting and always got a maybe next response. I changed tactics and invited her and a few of her girlfriends out and WHAM--sure let's go. The only bad part was I had to go and buy a .22 SAA to use as an introductory firearm. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoplites1234 View Post
    The only bad part was I had to go and buy a .22 SAA to use as an introductory firearm. :)
    Always thought it was worth the cost of ammo to get someone else hooked, in the long run it's probably worth the cost of another gun as well :)

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    I actually volunteered to take teach an older gentleman, whose younger wife is scared of recent break-ins in their neighborhood. After heraing this older gentleman talking renting and learning to shoot a "Cloak" or a "911", I figured it was best if he had someone with atleast a little knowledge with him and his wife.
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    Just thought I'd bump this post up to the front again, the weather's getting better so even outdoor range goers can take the challenge :) Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by createdeemcee View Post

    Not to get off topic, but is that a desert eagle in your avitar? If so can I PM you for some help?
    is that another desert eagle lover? they have always been one of my favorites:)

    and taking new people to the range is a great idea. education is the key. and it's already been mentioned, but every time I go to the range everybody is always really friendly. I'm teaching my wife to shoot now. we got married in july and she really wanted to try shooting. she was a bit timmid at first.. well ok she was down right scared. but after a couple pointers and a chance to shoot several guns... well let's just say my .45 witness might not be mine for much longer!!! she fell in love with it.
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    I have a few people I'm currently working on.

    1. One guy I work with. He has a CCW, carries a revolver in his car that he's never shot. He also has an AR15 that he's never shot. So we'll be going to the range VERY soon. I just picked up a cleaning kit for the ar15 and 2 PMAGS to get him going.

    2. Another guy I work for an his fiancee. He owns a pistol or two but is showing a lot of interest in getting a CCW and going shooting. So I'm going to try and get him into a class and go shooting this weekend.

    3. Sister and some of her friends. She's told me that her and a couple friends are interested in shooting.

    Now I just need to get to the range!

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