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    I am seriously thinking about applying for a FFL license. I would most likely be just collecting firearms, specifically handguns. The problem though is I am in New York where each pistol in your possession must be on your pistol permit.

    My question is, if I obtain either a dealer FFL or a C+R FFL, does that have anything to do with my NY permit. I cannot find this information anywhere, and 2 pistol clerks I talked to from 2 different counties did not know. Can anybody point me in the right direction.

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    Can anybody point me in the right direction.
    Move to a free state!

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    I believe that does not affect your pistol permit all weapons purchased through your FFL Stay on the FFL Permit or the business My Uncle Has his FFL in new york I will ask him and reply back to you on Friday 05 Jan 10

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