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Thread: 1911 Military/LEO trained

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    west of Atlanta
    Had an uncle let me shoot one when I was 13 loved it ever since. I don't carry every day but when I do it's the 1911.
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    Military Training.... Single Handed, Crouch firing. Carrying it with EMPTY Chamber in a Bianchi Duty Holster. (Oh Lord)
    I Quickly adopted a Milt Sparks ISWB and Cocked and Locked...But I still Carried Mostly BALL ammo.
    I Carried my Colt 1911 .45acp for Many Years as my primary. It was THE Pistol to carry in my career as a Paid Soldier. I switch to a GLOCK 17 .9mm, But after two years, I again was deployed in an area that the 1911 Pattern pistol was the standard issue for their military, (Armscor and Norinco made), and it was kind of a "status" to Have a REAL COLT made 1911 Pistol...So I started to Carry my 1911 again... Switching for a Short time to Carrying TWO Colt Lite Weight Commanders...(I know.. DRAMA), S&W 19 .357, Then a US Border Patrol Over-Run Beretta 96D .40 Cal for about a year......But, Just a couple Years ago, I did go back to the GLOCK 19 .9mm and I like it very much... It's a pure utility combat pistol. I'll probably retire before I switch again..LOL

    I Still have my Colt that I've had for 30 years or so.... (My Father Gave it to me upon retirement from The US Marines).
    I seldom carry it anymore... Truthfully, Because I don't want to lose it in a work related BUG-Out or Confiscation.

    God Bless... Stay Safe. Captain

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    1911 mod1

    Joined the USN at a young age of 17 in the seventies. Trained on the 45 and 38 special. Qualified EXPERT on the 38 but only Marksmen on the 45. My choice to carry now........1911 Springfield. Over the years since inception, probably has the highest kill rate of any hand gun. Who am I to change history. I also have the size to support SOB and shoulder holster.


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    1911 Military/LEO trained

    U.S. Coast Guard 1969/70 - S.E. Asia
    We were issued 1911's as side arms. They were reliable but not the most accurate. Many of us carried wheel guns as back ups or as a primary for that matter.
    I carried a 1911 for years being so used to it but have since gone to a double action .45.
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    Hello to all. I am a new member to this forum and just wanted to say Hi.

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    A friend of mine put one in my hands and I loved it. That was 2 yrs ago and I have been enjoying it ever since. Some days I think about carrying something else but just keep reaching for the Colt 1911.

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