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Thread: 1911 Military/LEO trained

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    1911 Military/LEO trained

    I see there are a lot of people who carry 1911's as their primary. I am wondering how many of you were military or LEO trained with the 1911 or did you just decide as a civilian that this was your gun of choice?

    Simple curiosity.

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    I chose the LEO Trained category, but that's not the entire picture. I was basically raised with one in my hand by men who were also 1911 users in Military and L/E backgrounds. I was fortunate enough, that when I entered Law Enforcement, I worked for a Department that allowed Officers to carry there choice of sidearm, shotgun and rifle as long as it was on the list or met certain criteria. I was well trained with the 1911, before I ever trained with one in Law Enforcement.
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    Exclamation I was trained by the Military...

    I was trained by the military but noy on the 1911. It was the M-9.
    My primary Handgun is my USP 45. It has most of the same features as the M-9. Transition was very easy and I never thought twice about it.

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    Military put a 1911 in my hands at 18. Been carrying one ever since

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    Trained in the military on 1911 and other things

    Now carry 9mm

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    My military training was with M14's and M16's but what I actually carried in Viet Nam was handguns, not 1911's but a .38 or a 9mm. I was an Army photographer and with all of the camera equipment I had to carry a long gun was in the way. After my return I eventually moved to .45's but smaller frame S&W 4516's. I recently sold those and moved up to 1911's, a Colt Government MK IV, Series 70 and a Les Baer Premier II. Since I had two 4516's, one to carry and one as a backup, although it was left at home (my state does not allow one to carry a BUG). Since I had two 4516's I felt I also needed a second 1911. I purchased both used because of the deal I got at my local gun shop and because of the reputation both manufactures have.
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    I was trained by USMC on 1911 and M9 but now I carry a Sig 9mm daily. I will probably pick up a 1911 one of these days soon, but I have a few others that I would like to get also.

    Semper Fi

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    Military. Unofficial Primary Marksmanship Instructor for my Reserve (Training) unit. It'll be my first choice of CC when my turn comes to be legal.
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  10. If you love it, go for it. I think it's a blast at the range or out in the woods, but for belt or CCW I found other systems that fit my needs better. Not knocking the 1911. Just wasn't what I went with.

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    What? No colorful commentary about LEOs being civilians too?
    Ken Grubb
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