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    Being relatively new to handguns, I understand the importance of training. I'm a Life Member at Front Sight and I train with them at a minimum of 2 times a year. I also started shooting in our local IDPA matches. I really enjoy shooting in these events and I feel and see improvement in my final scores.

  3. A long time ago i was taught one thing that enhanced my shooting and i still emphasize it today is TRIGGER CONTROL, because no matter what stance you use, what weapon you own, how you grip your weapon, getting a sight picture or flash sight, using one eye or two eyes, and doing all those things perfect, you will still fail if you don't have TRIGGER CONTROL.

    Everything comes down to the squeeze/pull of the trigger. Placement of my finger on the trigger and squeezing/pulling control was what enhanced my shooting long time ago. I see many discussions about sight picture, using the front sight/back sight, point shooting, strong eye weak eye, aiming with both eyes open or one eye, but few discussion talking about the importances of TRIGGER CONTROL.

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