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  1. What Have You Done To Enhance Your...

    Defensive skills, Safety, Tactical skills, Target Shooting, Conceal/open carry, Deadly force knowledge, and understanding your States laws/guidelines. I think anyone who straps a weapon on their hip owes it to... at least themselves... to know as much as possible with the aspects of owning and/or carrying a weapon in public.

    We all know it can be expensive and time consuming traveling to training camps, but has anyone done a one-on-one training from a tutor at a range or shooting club. Knowledge from reading, watching videos, and researching the internet is great, but hands on training in the field physically doing it actually builds on your experience, execution with positive results build's your confidence and self-discipline.

    Has anyone done more than just strapping on a weapon, or the minimum requirements to carry or own a weapon...

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    Taken the CCW course, read lots of books, dry practice 4 days a week, hit the range a couple times a month and attended lots of classes at Front Sight.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    Taken the CCW course, read lots of books, dry practice 4 days a week, hit the range a couple times a month and attended lots of classes at Front Sight.
    Went to FRONT SIGHT... i'm jealous, must of been fun... your lucky. Good Luck

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    I was fortunate enough to become friends with the firearms instructor for the police department and sherrif's office where I live. I work with him on everything we can think of - presentation, awareness, when to keep a concealed weapon concealed, the art of concealment, aim, and it goes on from there. I read as much as possible, ask as many questions as I can come up with, I shoot at least two times a week, and put all my pocket change in a bucket to go towards a few days at Front Sight. I also work out four days a week.

  6. The motivation and Initiative you've taken to become better, more knowledgeable about the life and death you control, the more confident you'll become with carrying a weapon, and have the persona of a discipline CCW person. Good Luck.

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    Taken the CCW class, watched hundreds of movies, read hundreds of books, played cops & robbers and cowboys & Indians, basic military and advanced military training, and I've got an EX-wife to keep me constantly alert. And I'm old, does that count?
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  8. Learning gun safety as a kid in Boy Scouts was my foundation of firing a weapon properly. Growing up, I've learned tips from my friend's brother, who's a highway patrolman. Received basic military firearm training in boot camp, and basic close-quarters training/prisoner restraint within my 1st year of service.

    Since I have been at my ultimate command the past year 1/2, I've been taught more advanced techniques in both group, and individual combative shooting. We frequently go shooting whenever we can, and fairly often we receive a detailed deadly force brief, in addition to briefs on particular ROE. There's literally so much training we take, that it's never over. There's always an advanced school to go to, or a TAD course. I thought physics and calculus at school were hard. My brain is constantly fried, from brevity codes, technical information, tactics, procedures, etc.

    On the civilian side of things, I always get familiar with a new gun by reading the manual cover to cover, and shooting it at the range. I try to put a couple hundred rounds down range every week, in addition to the shooting we do at my command. I've read the very lengthy documents on deadly force, and the laws for concealed carry protocol directly from the FL website. If there's anything I have a question about, I research it myself, and typically ask a CCW course instructor as well. This forum is also great for answering questions as well, but if it's a serious issue, I'll ask a course instructor, or somebody familiar with that area of law.

    At the range I'll typically spend the first hour sighting in, target shooting, and honing accuracy. Next hour I'll work on tactical shooting, practicing reloading behind cover, and working the rifle to pistol transition. My coworkers and I have been working on courses of fire that 2 man teams can perform, but we've gotta do it on a day when there can be an additional safety observer for each person. We're all qualified range coaches, but I guess only a couple of them are as fond of guns as I am.

    My last hour I spend working concealed tactics. Using an IWB holster with a velcro retention strap, I can draw, sight in, and fire 2 rounds center mass at 10m within 2sec. I also work various shooting positions, from standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, and on my back. I practice off-hand, and one-handed shooting, reloading, racking, and other techniques that are possibilities if one hand is incapacitated.

    I intend to take both civilian tactical carbine, and defensive handgun classes. I'm going to begin reading On Combat, and On Killing, by Dave Grossman. I workout at a CrossFit gym, eat a healthy diet, and live as stress-free a lifestyle as the military will let me ;)

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    Firearms Academy of Seattle: Defensive Handgun, Tactical Handgun, Advanced Defensive Handgun, Advanced Tactical Handgun, Handgun Retention

    Jim Cirillo's Close Quarters Survival Course (taught at FAS)

    Mas Ayoob: Judicious Use of Deadly Force (classroom only portion of LFI-1)
    Ken Grubb
    Puyallup, WA

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    Lifetime member at Frontsight, classes to date have been defensive/tactical handgun training. I am an old black belt, still train in the dojang a bit. In warmer seasons, train at the range probably once per week (the local civilian range is outside and tends to sit unused during our subzero winters). Read a ton.

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    Prior to moving to Texas from PA I hunted all my life, belonged to many sportsmen's clubs, helped to teach hunter safety, shot in black powder and DCM (high power - AR15) matches, put probably 50k+ rounds through various handguns, had a concealed carry permit and carried for 20 plus years. After moving to Texas had to take the state-mandated CCW class and shoot their qualifying target. See the pictures section for my CCW qualifying target.
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