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    Oath Keepers Tonite

    If you're interested...O'Reilly stated last nite that he will have a feature tonite on Oath Keepers. They were labeled on last nite's show as an extremist group by a rep from the Southern Poverty Law Center (I think that's the organization) who was on The Factor.

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    Thanks, I'll have to watch it.
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    That's kind of funny,... Talk about a pot calling the kettle...
    I feel that Southern Law as one the premier hate groups in the country... Racist of the highest order...
    Check out the resumes of their board of Directors... Board of Directors | Southern Poverty Law Center

    If you are a Christian or a Christian with a gun... You are on their list as a hater... 900+ Groups listed as haters...
    Semper Fi

  5. NAACP?.....check

    It's all about equality, right?

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