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    The first was while I was a young private in basic training. I rotated the selector switch from "safe" to "semi" and the M-16 fired. My drill sergeant was watching my hands and verified that my finger was nowhere near the trigger (would have screamed at me a lot more had it been). When they tore down my rifle, the armorer discovered a small white pebble had lodged in the trigger group, which caused the AD.
    May I point out that the gun did not malfunction. A stone was left inside the trigger group during the previous cleaning. Is that true accidental discharge or negligence on the part of the person previously cleaning the gun? I'm not saying my opinion either way, just something to think about.

    I think in way too many cases of "accidents" in this country in all areas, not just firearms, we just simply don't like to use the word negligence.
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    Then you'll want to stay away from XD's, M&P's, and any other's that use the same style firing controls and safeties.
    Point of order here - if it hasn't already been mentioned in this thread as I've not read every post at this exact time. XD's have a Grip Safety and, as such, are inherently more safe than a Glock. I'm not as familiar w/M&P's, tho have fired two of them. I thought M&P's had a manual safety? Don't recall for sure as it was some months ago and at an indoor range and I was more interested in how comfortable it felt in my hand, as well as when it was fired.

    Anyhow, I'm not deriding Glock's as I own two and like them a great deal. Simply pointing out that XD's have a grip safety where as Glocks only have the Integral Brain Safety (IBS), which can be found on every firearm out there as it is handled. The IBS not working correctly on the individual is what causes those ND's, not any aspect of the pistol itself.
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