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    Congrats to your wife! Don't know that I have much more information than has already been said. I can carry IWB depending on the shirt I choose to wear that day. Also have the purse w/holster which can almost always be with me. Haven't tried an ankle holster, but would like to. Carrying on waist can be troublesome/uncomfortable with little ones needing held a lot. She will probably end up with a few different holsters depending on the mode of dress and occasion. Another thought I've had for myself before but not done anything with that might work with the diaper bag--Somewhere I saw a holster that you could attach to your car dash with included super strength velcro. Something like that may be able to be attached to the inside of a diaper bag pocket as well (might take a needle and thread to do it). Just a thought. The main thing is to find something that works so she's comfortable carrying and doesn't opt to just leave the gun home because she can't figure out how to take it with her. Good luck :)

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    I can see that you are PROUD of your wife's accomplishment.
    I, and another member are getting ready to launch a new thread:
    "Why we carry...Protection of Family and Self"

    If you are still active on the forums, we would love to have you check it out...

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    good for her, My wife got her concealed carry last summer. I tried to talk her into buying a pistol for her B-day or x-mas this last season. She chose Pandora jewelery instead. I think she really got it in case god forbid something happens to me, then she will have a nice collection. They are smarter than us, you know that dont you.

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    Cool Typical woman!

    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    First make sure she is wearing long pants. My wife has a coranodo purse and a drawer full of holsters for all her clothing needs.
    Typical woman. They have to have their accessories. At least she carries so the cost is worth it!

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    Congratulations to your wife. Sounds like she'll be right at home with a gun on her hip. High Noon makes some really nice IWB holsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Big congratulations to the Mrs. Remember my advice about the ankle holster. I like my Fobus, but drawing my firearm and trying to return fire while standing on one leg isn't the easiest task. :( Be sure to get a lot of practice (use a blue gun if possible) and be sure that she's comfortable.

    Maybe we'll see "Mrs.2075RAMI4ME" posting shortly. ;)

    I agree 200%, though when i started talking to my misses about concealed carry she looked up this video and it says a lot about what needs to be taken into consideration.

    YouTube - Concealed Carry Holsters & Outfits for Women
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