going to buy a jimenez
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Thread: going to buy a jimenez

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    going to buy a jimenez

    soon as i'm over this cold of mine.. when bill goodmans knife and gun show returns next month
    i'm gonna buy a jimenez 9MM i saw a review on youtube the guy mis prnounce the name
    the J is silence.. i owned a high point 9MM to heavy i handled the jimenez it felt right
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    It is the same as the old Bryco/Jennings guns... I would avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    It is the same as the old Bryco/Jennings guns... I would avoid it.
    I went searching, 'cause I was not familar with the name. Only so.so reviews Most listed them as inexpensive. I don't know If I'd be willing to trust my Wiphe's and my life on one. Maybe ok for a pinker... ?????
    Semper Fi

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    worth reading!

    The info below was collected from "All Experts" page on the Internet. I have done some editing

    Jimenez Arms was formed from the wreckage of Bryco Arms, which declared bankruptcy after a court awarded damages to someone injured by one of their defective handguns. The LA Times reported on Feb. 4, 2005, that the California Department of Justice ordered Jimenez Arms (which is based in Costa Mesa) to stop manufacturing the JA-9 pistol on Jan. 13 of this year. (The story can be found at: Firm Told to Stop Making Handgun - Los Angeles Times...)

    With firearms, the old adage "You get what you pay for" is truer than in many other situations.

    As for the JA-9, I wouldn't shoot it. The article mentioned "parts coming off" the guns during testing. Considering that 9mm semi-automatic pistols harness the 360 or so foot-pounds of energy the 9mm cartridge generates upon firing to operate the weapon, that's a considerable amount of force being applied to a firearm of suspect workmanship. The last thing you'd want is for the slide to break free of the frame while firing (since when you're aiming, your face is behind the slide and that's where it's heading).

    Tight budge? I believe this may be the case because you also mentioned looking at Hi-Points. Here are some other suggestions;

    Bersa, an Argentina-based firm, produces a pistol they call the "Thunder," in .380 ACP and .45 Auto. The .380 version can be had for about $275 new and the .45 goes for about $465. They are solid little guns.

    The old Ceska Zbrojovka company in the Czech Republic has been producing their CZ line of pistols for decades and they are of very high quality given their relative price. CZs are distinctive in that their slide fits completely inside the frame, as opposed to attaching to the outside of it; thus giving the pistols a very streamlined look. New CZ 75-series pistols start at about $490, though used ones are common and can be had for quite a fair price.

    The EAA Witness is a clone of the CZ 75 and a well-built one at that. They can be had with either steel or polymer frames starting at about $450 in a variety of calibers and finishes.

    Taurus has really turned their game around, in terms of firearm quality, over the last decade. Their Beretta-clone PT-99 series are of decent quality and backed by a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee.

    Smith & Wesson arms tend to be a bit on the pricy side, but their Enhanced Sigma Series of pistols are among the least expensive at about $379 to start with. They're based on the Glock design (so much so, Glock sued S&W) and feature a polymer frame and a Glock-like internal striker mechanism. Also like Glocks, they don't have an external manual safety.

    Don't shy away from used guns. Firearms are the ultimate durable good. As long as they've been treated reasonably well, they last forever.

  6. Ah!! The 'Jammin' Jennings".

    The nickname kinda tells the whole story.

    A lot of the Jimenez guns were made from leftover Jennings/Bryco parts. Since the Jennings had a rep for being unreliable, I seriously doubt the gun that were made from the the left over parts are going to be any better. My advice is to save your money, keep saving up and when you have enough to buy a REAL gun that's going to be reliable. Used but not abused guns are a great dollar saver and you can dicker with the gun shop counter person more because they usually buy them for half or less of the actual value.

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    I bought a Jennings 9mm in either '98 or '99. I got what I paid for. $150 I'll never get back. Wouldn't trust it with my life. Not even a good plinker. starts to fall apart half way thru a mag. If you can get it to fire consecutively. I saw the article on Jennings. I saw a Jimenez at my local shop. Looked exactly the same, just different name.
    Crap gun. The pin that holds the extractor claw in starts to work its way out. The cocked indicator will move out too far and almost fall out. I've put less thsan 100 rounds thru it and the main recoil spring has fatigued. The slide doesn't return all the way some times.
    I would make a great paper weight. and would scare some one that doesn't know about Jennings(Jimenez) quality. You'ld have better luck throwing a hand full of rounds at some one then hoping the damn thing fires.

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    I did some work for a guy a few months ago. Lo and behold, when I was finished, he couldn't pay me. He said that he had these two pistols that he had just gotten that he would give me and get me some cash about a week or so later. Something is better than nothing, so I took them. They were identical Jiminez .380's. I also got 200 rounds for them, too. I've shot both of them about 30-40 times each. They both jammed on the first three rounds. After that, they were pretty accurate. The slides aren't very smooth, and there are too many horror stories about them for me to depend on them. I've carried one as a backup gun a few times. They are something I'll hang on to as a last resort, or something to trade if I find something I really want. It's not something that has kept me up at night wishing I had more of, though.

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    The Jimenez 9mm is part of the 'ring of fire' firearms. I sold a group of them back in the 80's because they were inexpensive. I told all my customers not to expect them to be a range gun just to expect them to be a last resort firearm. In some states they are considered to be a Saturday night special and are illegal. The melting point of the material is very low so they won't hold up to a lot of firing. Save up your money and try to get something a little better. You'll be glad you did in the long run!
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    I'd never heard of one until 2 days ago until my neighbor was out popping a few rounds off in one. I went over to look at
    it and while it looks pretty, the trigger pull must have been 12-15 lbs. Turned me off immediately.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

  11. I went to a gun show with a lawyer buddy of mine, and we saw some of these for sale. He told me there were more Jimenez firearms in the PD evidence locker than any other handgun. Those are the ones that weren't melted down.

    I know another guy who carried a Jennings .32 for a while and never had a problem with it, but he said he wouldn't trust one chambered in anything larger than .380.

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