Two wounded, Gunman tackled:

'Gun Free Zones'
Gun Free Zones are extremely safe. For anyone with severe Behavior Problems. They know that most likely, chances are excellent that No One will stop their plan of devastation.

This miraculous time, an extremely Rare, skilled and fearless individual was within distance. EXTREMELY RARE.

I will bet that I can safely predict the outcome of the investigation. A Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offender, with a lifetime of social acceptance difficulties.

Usually with an early background history that was legally hidden from public view, due to security clauses enacted many years ago. Clauses Enacted into law when the Progressive movement decided that it was demeaning to predict a persons future behavior.

In most cases, a record of being given second, third, fourth and countless other chances to re-program their dysfunctional lives.

Taxpayer funded Councilors, Lawyers and Judges, always favoring the persons rehabilitation. Of course encouraged to endlessly re-enter Law Abiding society to roam free, adjust and acclimate.

I believe I just described the sociopath that enacted the Washington State 'Police Massacre'. Matter of fact it fits the description of possibly millions of US citizens now Roaming among Law Abiding Society.
Disarm the 'Law Abiding'? I don't think so..

It has been said that approximately 3 percent of the population is responsible for 97 percent of the crime. Violence and Crime is a Behavior, NOT a Device.