Taurus 845 - Love it or Hate it?

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  • Great gun! Shoots straight, works flawlessly. I love it. A keeper.

    5 62.50%
  • Pretty good gun. Shoots well, probably keep it.

    1 12.50%
  • It's okay. Had some problems, may trade or sell.

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  • Can't recommend it. Had problems right out of the box. Definitely selling it.

    1 12.50%
  • Hate it. Another Taurus POS. Got rid of it already.

    1 12.50%
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Thread: Taurus 845 - Love it or Hate it?

  1. Taurus 845 - Love it or Hate it?

    If you already own one of these new pistols, please answer the poll and post your comments about your experiences, positive or negative, about this model. I've got a line on a stainless version for under $ 400 but want to avoid buying a problem-plagued pistol, if that is what this amounts to.

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    I currently own and shoot four(4) Taurus pistols; the aforementioned 845, a 738, 709 slim (my carry fav.) and a PT145. Since ammo is hard to acquire in the larger calibers sometimes, I've been shooting basically whatever I can get my hands on. I haven't experienced any problems with either one of the four. I used to own an S&W M&P Compact .45, and I don't know if it was the ammo I was using or the gun, but out of 50 rd box I was sure to get at least two or three ejector malfunctions. My PT145 took it's place

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    I own the 809 and it is a great gun.... I purchased it because of the round capacity.... It is a very accurate gun even at 25 yds... I blew about a 3 inch hole in my target with about 50rds at this distance... I love the ambidextrous controls.... i also love the decocker and safety capabilities.... one thing that really moved me to buy it was the locking mechanism on the handle for when i store it.... I also shot 200rds of monarch brass with it right out of the box... I figured this would tell me if it was goin to by reliable.... and it handle the task flawlessly....one more point about the taurus pistols i think that the 800 series 24/7 series and the millenium series all accept the same magazines.... so if you were to purchase a 24/7 or a millenium down the road you can interchange magazines... So your millenium can now have the same capacity as your 845.....

  5. I have handled this gun at my place of employment, and I would love the chance to fire one. Not that I need another full size .45 of course. I like the safety/decocker on this and other Tauruses with external hammers.

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