well my mind is made up
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Thread: well my mind is made up

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    well my mind is made up

    after speaking to hearold who owns Afield in cincinnati i asked about jimenez he said the firing pin comes lose..
    he called it the sat night special.. i asked about sccy 9MM he said that would be good for me
    the man has never told me wrong about any hand gun, he carries a kel-tek
    for $260 for a sccy isn't bad so monday i'll be owning a sccy
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    Found this on the internet. I hope you get a good one.


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    My friend just ordered one of those. I told him to just save up and get something that will last a few years.

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    A SCCY is a copy of the Kel-Tec P-11 with a safety selector. I personally would buy a Kel-Tec over the SCCY. Before you buy do a Google search on SCCY problems.
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    I have owned both a kel-tec.380 and currently a SCCY 9mm. The SCCY is not a range gun or an every day shooter. I shoot mine about once a month. It has a snappy recoil due to its size but so did the kel-tec. I went with the 9mm because of the limited supply and cost of the .380 ammo. The accuracy with the SCCY is pretty good from a small gun. It feeds FMJ and hollow points just fine. The safety has been a problem for those with larger hands. My dad shot mine and after every shot the recoil of the gun and his big hands around a small grip activated the safety. For me it works fine. The trigger pull is long but I have seen worse. It gets better with use. The safety can be removed if one feels so inclined. The gun has a lifetime warranty. I had a problem with the firing pin on my gun. After 400 rounds or so it broke. I contribute the failure to some +P 9mm rounds I was testing. The firing pin broke right after test firing. So Iím pretty certain at least in my mind that caused the failure. Sent it back to the factory and it was repaired and express shipping back to me for free. On warmer days I usually carry the SCCY and keep my Glock in the truck. On colder days with my heavy jacket itís usually the Glock on my hip and the SCCY in the console. I would stay away from the +P rounds.
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    Seeley please dont buy a sccy for your own good all it will do well is lighten your wallet of $300, or whatever, had two of them, if you want to buy a cheap gun get a Hi point, never had one but cant be any worse than a sccy, agreed at first it was a decent looking gun felt nice but that thing is the very last gun I would ever carry and trust, it Jammed, had FTF, FTE, and safety broke and fell off, it may look like a Kel Tech but qaulity wise it is a real POS, wife and I both have Taurus 709s, after getting rid of the sccy,s have probably got well over 3000 rds thru the two Taurus's without a single hiccup, you may e-mail or contact me if you wish, if you have already got it, trade it back, even at a loss, cause I'd afraid even if it jammed and you thru it at the BG it would break instead of hurting him

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    I've nver fired a sccy, but a friend had a Hi-Point. Nothing but trouble, it seems like every other shot resulted in extraction issues. You'd be better off saving your $150 and throwing a wad of cash at any would be attacker. At least then they might suffer some sort of injury.

    If money is tight you should really look at used firearms. If you know what you're looking at you can get an incredible handgun at an incredible deal. If you hunt around you could get something like a PPK for $300-$350. A much better gun for around the same price.
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    i found a S&W 9MM for $425 at target world.. felt nice
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seeley booth View Post
    i found a S&W 9MM for $425 at target world.. felt nice
    Much better choice than a Sccy! JMHO of course.

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    what kind of s&w?

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