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    Quote Originally Posted by texasnative46 View Post
    to all,

    my daughter, when she decided to CCW didn't want A PISTOL, she wanted MY PISTOL - a "lightly custiomized" MAKAROV, which she says is "PURR-fectly grrl-size".
    (so i gave her the MAK & bought a P6.)

    she carries it in one of several washable "custom-made" thigh holsters (in different colors), for wearing under long wrap skirts, which looks like a garter belt with pistol attached. - comes out from under that skirt, FAST & in ONE motion.

    YEP, she had to use it to defend herself in TX last year = attempted mugging; mugger ran out of luck!
    (AmerIndian girls are COLD-bloodied & self-reliant, as a rule, in an emergency.)

    note to all: in my experience, it is NOT a good idea to try to train a woman, if you are a BF/relative, as women will NOT typically "take correction" from you HAPPILY- invest in PROFESSIONAL lessons. = the 450.oo that i paid for my daughter's lessons was CHEAP at twice the price, especially when weighed against a visit to the ER or a funeral.

    yours, TN46
    I am sorry that your daughter had to put her training to use but kudos to her!!! I am impressed! I am so glad to hear that there was a great end to this story!!!

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    Daughter:1, Mugger: 0


    fwiw, my daughter had told me that (since she has to frequently work late & leave alone AND is required to park in an assigned space in a "deserted at that time of night" parking garage - she is the vice-director of computer services of a university system) she wanted to CCW & that she wanted MY pistol, so i "called around" until i found a retired Marine rangemaster, who was willing to teach a "rank beginner" from scratch.

    after some 10 hours of tutoring, N_____________ can hit a 8" paper plate from 25M, 8 of 8 times. - it was less than 90 days later that her "bad night" happened. - as you can imagine, i'm pleased that she was CCW & was properly trained.

    btw, have you joined Secong Amendment Sisters? - if not check out Second Amendment Sisters - Self-Defense is a Basic Human Right
    AND also check out Cornered Cat as that is a GREAT site for armed women too.
    (i got some GOOD info off of "corneredcat", TOO.)

    yours, TN46

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