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Thread: BATF seizes 30 toy guns!

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    While I have no use for white supremacist POS like Weaver, I understand the feds gave him a summons with the wrong court date.


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    Oh certainly, I don't think anyone in here is suggesting that the FBI was clear of any wrong doing. And the fact that nothing has been done about it other than paying the Weaver family millions of Tax Payers money (Don't think for a minute that money actually hurt the FBI), which to me would not be as satisfying as knowing those responsible are being bunked with the scum they put behind bars in the first place.

    However the FBI sanctioning illegal actions is nothing new, just look at how they took out the notorious outlaws in the 1920's. Most of them were shot in the back or ambushed without being given the opportunity to surrender. While I certainly don't feel bad for the murderer's that they executed, I feel horrible that they were denied due process. Criminals deserve to be tried before being punished, and the FBI seems to be to eager to be judge, jury and executioner.

    I do think that I've derailed this thread enough, if any of you would like to continue the conversation we could perhaps start up a new thread? I have to apologize for making the significance of this article secondary these last few posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Don't see how anyone could disagree with that. Although, I'll draw issue with the phrase "glossed over", solely as a matter of semantics, because it sounds like hiding a little mistake that someone made. I would have said "lied about" or "buried", for starters. but, that's just me...
    +1. Guess I was guilty of trying to be politically correct or pulling my punches. Telling a bold face lie would have been more to the point.
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    I really would like to see the BATF take one of those toy guns and make them fully functioning machine guns, and then fire them. I would like to see how they hold up to "Govt testing". And I would like to see the agents hands that was holding the "functioning machinegun" after it was fired.
    I can't tell you haw many toy guns I had when I was young, or how many BB/pellet guns I went thru. Even though my Daisies and Crossman's had metal parts, I doubt I would have been able to get themn to hold up to firing more than 2 or maybe 3 .22lr. And i'm a metal fabricator now. And I couldn't tell you how long it would take for me to take on of the BB guns I have now and get them to be a fully functional machine gun. To start with, machining the barrel out, which would be easiest for me, I don't have a metal lathe in my garage. I could go on, but it would be easier for me to start from scratch and build a working gun, than it would be to try to re-work a toy gun, or a BB gun.

    I've worked in a few places that seemed like Govt jobs. How do idiots get put in charge. It's a wonder we have'nt launched WMD at our selves, with the bunch of head, or headless cases in charge. I don't know if it's safer to be inside or out side of the assylum, that the inmates are in charge of.

    Any body want to pitch in with me and buy a small island some where and get the f*&k out of Dodge?

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    Now you know how the Europeans felt when they discovered a new continent. They couldn't wait to get out of Dodge. They would suffer months on the ocean in a leaky wooden boat for the chance to be free. Unfortunately there's nowhere else to go now.
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    there's always some place else to go. I'm not talking invade and take over some place. I think if enough of us pitched in and got some thing together, we could buy struggling 3rd world island our small nation, move in, re-decorate, and start over. Guatemala or Ecuador aren't doin to well right now. Lets give them a bail out and move in. Ocean view, small borders to watch. I know a few people from both, most are good people, it's just the govt thats crap.

    I have a small house in Mexico, in a little beach front town. One road in, quiet, I'm related to probly half the town by now. I plan on retiring there and setting up shop. It's an easy place to defend.
    I'm MexicanAmerican, born here, spent half my life there. I know whats going on there and how to fix it. The drug problems is the easy fix. Stay out of the way for a bit, let them fight it out. And when there isn't many of them left, citizens arrest, round up those left, and drop them all at the border for the US feds that have been "trying so hard" to get them.

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