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  1. Quote Originally Posted by 84B20 View Post
    Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) or as we affectionately called ourselves, "The Flying Piss Pots."
    Ahh... I have seen similar, but not that. I should have known it was something to do with Psyops after seeing the design.
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    try eagletacticalservices.


    If, like me, you can find white box at Walmart but can't find good selection of defensive carry ammo in stock at stores, these sites are awesome. Also good for selecting among the wide variety of deer slugs unless all you want to shoot are Rem buckhammers.
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  5. I have to share this online ammo story

    I'll give you the "Readers Digest" condensed version. My neighbor decides to buy a new 9mm pistol. A 9mm Springfield XDM in case anyone wasnts to know that. He's never owned a handgun before and really excited about shooting his new gun so he goes online to buy a bunch of ammo. He tells me he got this great deal 2000 bullets for $280.00. Okay, I'm thinking that one heck of a deal and go online looking too. About 4 days go by and his package arrives. He got 2000 bullets which is what he ordered. He didn't realize that 2000 bullets were just 2000 bullets. No brass, no powder etc.

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    re:alum cased ammo.

    The Russians used it almost exclusively along with their corrsive propellent.. I picked up one of their AK's along with two bandoleers one day. The ammo smelled like piss and the cases tended to get stuck from time to time, causing me to clear the weapon repeatedly. I then came across some steel cased 7.62 in a trade with a Greek NATO guy and it was much better....I know the times have changed since then, I guess if you are using it in a small handgun it might be OK, but personally, I avoid the matter how cheap it may be...

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