Accidental? I'm thinking "negligence".
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Thread: Accidental? I'm thinking "negligence".

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    Angry Accidental? I'm thinking "negligence".

    Atlanta Police Recruit Accidentally Shoots Self

    Posted: Thursday, March 4, 2010
    Updated: March 4th, 2010 09:35 AM GMT-05:00

    Story by

    ATLANTA --

    An Atlanta Police recruit accidentally shot himself in the leg.

    The unidentified recruit is in stable condition following Wednesday morning's incident in a parking lot adjacent to the Police Academy in southeast Atlanta.

    Police said the recruit was in his personal vehicle unloading a personally owned weapon when the accident happened.

    The Atlanta Police Department doesn't allow recruits to bring weapons onto Academy property.

    An investigation into the incident is under way with the Atlanta Police internal affairs unit.

    Not exactly the kind of guy I'd be comfortable patrolling the streets. Sad that many folks think that LEO are better at handling firearms than ordinary citizens.

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  3. Is he a newer to participate a Police Academy? He forgot to check and make sure if it is loading one round in the chamber slide when it was unloading firearm.

    That's really hurt on his leg, man.
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    'Should have undergone training before deciding to become a LEO...

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    When I attended the Police Academy in Oregon, the Portland Police Bureau had hired several new officers right out of college... Half of them had never held a firearm before. They had some of the highest academic grades in the class, but couldn't pass the range qualification. This is not good practice, because even if they pass the accademy they will only qualify once a quarter or so. They end up being a danger to themselves and others.

    I do know a few veterans that have shot themselves accidentaly as well. You could chalk that one down to complacency maybe? It could happen to anyone I guess, but this sounds like a pretty serious mistake stemming from unsafe practices and inexperience.
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    Another case of a Glock leaping out of it's carrying case, loading itself and firing itself to injure its kindly owner. when are we going to outlaw these evil things?

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    Paging Officer Howard, Officer Fine and Officer Howard!
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