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    It is our company policy

    not to permit firearms on the premises.According to company policy we are not allowed to have WEAPONS,of any kind on the premises,including the parking lot.It states that they may search any place they deem necessary,even my car,and they don't need my peermission.When I read this I said out loud,"No,you need a search warrant!"There are several people that work here that carry.They,and I are just discreet about it,and blatantly break the rules.I just leave it locked in the car.
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  3. You do have options!

    If your employer says you can
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    have a firearm in your vehicle while in the company parking lot, you might want to consider having one of the vehicle lock boxes bolted down in the trunk of your vehicle. Your firearm is secure, out of sight, and you have the only key. Even if someone could look in it, or you have the trunk open to get some other items, it is secure and out of sight, but accessable to you. Your employer can not search your vehicle unless you give them permission, and even law enforcement must have a search warrant to search your vehicle. This option keeps your firearm close by, but no one will ever know, unless you tell them. As one man list on his postings, always carry, never tell.

  4. Yup, you're not alone... the only thing wrong with my job is I can't replace the pay, too many years invested as well. Got myself a Center of Mass Gun Safe and I park off company property because they CAN search your vehicle if parked on company property where I work. It's the best I can do. :(

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

  5. My employer also has a "no weapons" on the premises policy. Just to make it worse, I'm fairly certain the policy contradicts state law, since my employer is ultimately state owned, and it is legal to carry on all state property that is not a "secured area" in UT. I know we should carry eveywhere, but I don't feel the urge to at my workplace, I'm really not concerned when I'm there. However, what I keep in my car is my business. I certainly don't want to get fired for it, but I guess that's a situation I'd be willing to deal with in the very unlikely event it ever became an issue.

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    Be very careful

    on what you think your boss can and cannot do.

    They can have a company policy against employees carrying firearms at work which has nothing to do with posting the premises. While they cannot prosecute you for trespass or the violation, they can terminate you "for cause" which will cost you unemployment benefits in most states. If it is in their policy manual, properly explained/enforced and not restricted by some local ordinance you won't win a contest.

    Be careful on the search and seizure rules too. Being prosecuted in court isn't their goal. If my company prohibits possession in my vehicle, I would park off their premises in a public area and walk into the building/facility. Of course, you can take your chances on discovery as well.

    Many people like to talk about what their company/boss can't get away with and are surprised when they don't have a job anymore. The fact is, unless you are covered as one of the protected groups (gender, race, age, etc.) you can lose your job and usually unemployment benefits for violating company policies, no matter how unfair you think they are. By accepting the job you accept the rules which are not illegal. Even a strong union has no effect if they have approved the work rule. Your only hope there might be if they have negotiated the search and seizure right by contract or been involved in approving it in the work rules, then they might help you if the process was not followed.
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    Although I've never asked and have never been told, I'd imagine that both of my employers, and probably my school, do not take kindly to the idea of cars in the parking lot having loaded weapons in them. However, this should never come up as an issue, because no one should have a reason to look in my car.

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    "Once you are age 45 or older you are protected by a Federal Law that keeps your employer form messing with you as long as your previous work record is without any serious flaws."

    I've never heard this one before, where can I find the statute?
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    Over the years I have worked a number of jobs that did not allow me to carry. Did that stop me? Well lets just say that the saying that I live by is "Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6".
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    Part of Texas' recently passed Castle bill give us the right to carry in/to protect our vehicles as well as our homes. They ruled that a parking lot is not considered 'premises'. My place of employment has posted "NO WEAPONS" and also has a procedure in place that prohibits from carrying on premises.
    In my CHL class someone questioned if with the same senerio they could get by, since the proper verbage was not used. The instructor said, "Sure, but your company has the right to fire you for not following procedure."
    So what to do? (Hint: keep 'em under the seat and remember concealed means concealed.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudslgr View Post
    Got to vent here!! Just got home from work, had to stop to fill up with gas at local station when I was told they were just robbed! If there had not been some snow on the road I would have gotten there earlier and then what?!? My work will net allow me to have any firearms in my vehical.....big surprise! This is realy sad.

    P.S. I forgot to mention..... there were 2 State Highway cruisers behind the store when it happened. They still did not know what happened when I pulled in!
    There have been several cases I've read about that, in a nutshell, make it illegal for your workplace to stop you from keeping a firearm in your car (properly stored of course). has a thread about this. I'm no lawyer so check with one first, but I really doubt they can stop you.
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