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    hi everybody from Spain.

    is it possible to buy a gun or attend shooting training for a european union tourist without residence in USA? In what states?


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    This isn't Europe. You would not be able to buy a gun but most places would loan you one or rent it to you. If a course is offered and you meet the firearms-handling experience and equipment requirements you should be able to attend any firearms training offered to the public that I am aware of. I know of nowhere that training is restricted with the exception of private and military operations. If offered to the public, there is no problem I can think of.

    BTW, it is the same way in Prague and here in Ukraine. For the right amount of money, I can drive a tank, fire the tank gun, open up with an AK, shoot an RPG, snipe with a 12.7mm rifle and a few other interesting events.
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    Any public firing range would take care of you. Just ask them if they rent weapons and provide instruction. Be careful may not want to return to Spain!:D Shooting is additive...:)
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    You can even go to places that rent full atuo too, BTDT N that is a hoot.

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