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Thread: How do you store your ammo?

  1. I have separate storage facilities for components, loaded ammunition and firearms. I got some good safes for keeping the guns and locking cabinents for the ammunition and components. No use keeping all your eggs in one basket.

  3. Red Hat , Now that is a stash of ammo . I love it ! Do you have any m.r.e'.s . I have some ammo after bank colllapeses but not as much as you . I do have extra dog food (Doberman) and extra food and mre's .Let me know . Many people think they will never need it . I hope so but I'm going to be a Boy
    scout .

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    I have a few MRE's around. I've been concentrating on building up my reloading component supply lately. If I can't buy ammo I sure can make my own...
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    I live in a pretty good neighborhood where we're all "nosy neighbors" and look out for each other. Several of us have firearms and know how to dial 911 if we feel overly suspicious. I know that doesn't mean that a slick, professional thief can't get in the house, but I feel fairly secure here as no neighbhorhood break-ins have occured since we moved here almost two years ago - and for several years before that. At least, of which I've heard....

    Anyhow, that being said, I keep all of my loaded magazines (14, total) and a couple boxes of Winchester PDX in my gun safe. I keep a Bug Out Bag (BOB) nearby so that all I've got ot do is to scoop everything out and make a run for the door - or a window if the Zombies are already massed at the front of the house and/or coming thru the front windows. The gun safe is bolted to a wall-mounted shelf in such a way that they'd have to literally cut the shelf away from the wall, as they can't use a pry bar on it.

    The rest of my ammo - all the plinkin' stuff - is kept in ammo cans. They're not bolted down nor even locked, but are hidden and under behind some of my luggage. The smaller box has a ring that I need to get a padlock for, but then I almost never have any ammo in it, so it's not a major concern for me to do that. The larger one gets the bulk of the ammo and I've currently only got about 500rnds in it anyhow. I can fairly easily pick up my BOB and the one ammo can if I need to leave in a hurry, too.

    As to other stuff, my BOB contains half a case of MRE's - basically one for each of my family, plus one spare - in case we have to LEAVE in a hurry and head somewhere. I need to get a full case, I guess, as well as do some more Prepper stuff like my folks. You never know exactly when that Zombie Apocalypse is going to start, after all....

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    Where's the rest of your ammo dude?

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    I keep mine locked in our walkin closet close to our window. If the house were to ever catch on fire, the steel ammo cans would hopefully be the first things out the window then us second. A friend of mine is a firefighter and he told me of one call they had where this guy had literally thousands of rounds starting to "cook off". One firefighter took a hit by one and they just backed off and let it burn. It would not want that on my mind - or the legal problems that would come with it. Well, at least my plan will work if we are home. If we are not home then I guess I'm screwed.

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    With burglary on the rise in your area I would look into a gun safe to store guns and ammo.

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