How do you store your ammo?
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Thread: How do you store your ammo?

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    How do you store your ammo?

    I was trying to find a way to stash my ammo that was cost effective (there has been an increase of break-ins in my neighborhood) to store my ammo. I have a small safe to lock up my pistols in, but I didn't have a place to store my ammo. Well, I was standing in my kitchen trying to decide what to do with an old computer and suddenly I had a great idea. Here are the pictures. Tell me what your thoughts are!

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    Hey jtp: Good case but only problem is theft proofing; thieves will go to such a case like bees to honey. I definitely believe that the ammo should be stored in the house and not in the garage or basement because of heat/cold/humidity changes, which just cannot be the best of environments. My homemade solution is as follows: You know those big plastic cases that come with a rechargeable drill kit? I removed the plastic innards (a little work but not impossible) and it leaves me with a big plastic case suitable for ammo. I have a cardboard box (typical kind that used to hold something like fruit from a grocery store) that I keep in the laundry room and put old newspapers into it before I take a load of them out to garage for recycle container. This big plastic case fits nicely into the bottom of the cardboard box and then I just pile the newspapers on top of it like I did before. Sure a thief might somehow upset the box etc and find the plastic case and the ammo but I am betting that if I had a breakin, a thief would have better places to look then thinking about a pile of old newspapers in a laundry room. I do think, however, that your computer case will get a look a lot quicker than my pile of newspapers. If you place the computer case into a cardboard box like the one I described and use it for some garbage purpose like I do, then I would think the case is probably a lot safer. The key to me was to hide the case in the house in a way that seems to be a normal other purpose. I do not know where you live but for most thieves it is a smash and grab operation--if it is visible they will take it---find that visible "place" in the house that just does not look like much of anything in the context of your normal house routine and hide it underneath mundane "stuff".

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    +1 for kelcarry

    Although the computer case doesn't scream "Ammo Here", the brand of the case makes it a highly sought target in it's own right. Then the padlock makes me think "Hmmmm, wonder why they have a padlock on it"? Think: when was the last time you saw a PC with a padlock on it? Just throws another red flag.

    I like kelcarry's idea. Mundane case, mundane location. KISS. Or if you keep a full grocery cupboard, 5 pack of cans boxes behind the regular cans. That sort of thing...
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    I think the idea of pc alone is gonna make it disappear....

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    I store MY ammo in MY FREEZER...with MY MONEY!!!

    Seriously, gun safe.

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    You fellows need to buy more ammo...
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    In a well secured closet in 30 and 50 cal ammo cans with descant packages in each can. Each can labeled not only with caliber but also type i.e. carry or shooting ammo. I do not worry to much about hiding my ammo. Instead I have done what I can to make my whole house a hard target. If the BG can get past nosy neighbors, my security bars, double dead bolt locks ,the most advanced security system, cctv, dogs, well armed home owners and a few other security measures and still be alive to tell about it then they are so professional they should be on Mission Impossible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NDS View Post
    You fellows need to buy more ammo...
    Exactly what I was thinking

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    I store my ammo on a shelf in the basement, off the floor.
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  11. Talking Secure ammo

    Ammo, as much as guns, needs to be secured from theft. Just make it difficult ot get. I've seen STACKON brand of storage cabinets that would work well. I keep my pistol ammo in a full size safe. The shotgun and rifle stuff in a metal wardrobe cabinet with a hasp long bar lock. It's not theft proof but it is resistant. Most of the other stuff(ears,cleaning supplies, holsters,targets,etc in the wardrobe. I might add that if your ammo stock fits in a computer case, you definitely need a bigger ammo budget.

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