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Thread: Man Dead In Shootout With Off-Duty Cop At Walmart

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    Regarding undeputized armed citizens jumping into the fray,...
    Unless you are directly threatened, I agree it's better to take cover and be a good witness in this situation. I'm shopping, usually with my teen, and she's my number one priority if we suddenly and unexpectedly see a gun brandishing madman. I see her to safety. How do I know I'm not shooting an offduty cop? Or for that matter, get shot by one or two police in an honest mistake. I'm just saying that in the element of surprise, actions should be primarily defensive until the situation reveals itself. Leave the policing to the professionals.
    Peace through superior firepower.

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  4. This is the scenario that I think justifies carrying more than any other. We like to believe the citizenry is well-armed, but where are these armed citizens?
    That's the exact problem. We aren't well armed. Thankfully the number of people choosing to carry has been increasing, but it's still a very small percentage compared to the general population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsdonb View Post
    This is another reason why we should carry a weapon. We have hero's all around us, like that officer, and we could help him. I heard that an armed society is a polite society. I will offer prayers for that LEO and his family.
    Be careful not to become "another person with a gun".

  6. If the off duty LEO was taking charge of the situation. I would also take cover and observe. Not trying to intervene in the middle of the fray.
    IMHO Don't pull your "Concealed Carry Badge" and start shooting. Just Kidding>

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    Hope the Injured Officer heals quickly. I wonder how many CCW Holders were present during this event and if they were why didnt they try to help...

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    I agree. Don't get involved and caught in the middle. However, IF you and yours are IMMEDIATELY and directly threatened or shot at...well, that's another story.

    Be safe and not sorry...

  9. My CCW instructor last week said the same thing...If you want to carry for any other reason your protection or protection of a loved one..You doing it for the wrong reason....Your not a COP.....and your world will change and be turned upside down if you choose to act....Remember you can't get that bullet back.......

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    One of many follow-up stories. This one from a pro permit holder.
    Texas Law Man Takes Heroic Action in Walmart - Associated Content -
    Peace through superior firepower.

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    Well, I certainly would not enter into the ‘fray’ as you guys’ say. My only objective is to cover and protect my own scrawny ass or my loved one(s). Unfortunately, everyone else is own they’re own. I know of more than one case whereby the hero became a zero after the attorney’s crawled out of the sewers.

    Dan Ortego

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