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    Glad you are OK!!
    Some people have absolutely no respect for authority, what a shame!

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    Just playing devils advocate agian...When I went through OC I was never tought to pull my weapon; we just fought off three people in red man suits. Maybe military certification is diffrent than in the civillian sector just seems to me if my vision is impaired to the point where things are blurry as well as being only able to open my eyes a few seconds at a time the last thing I would do is pull my weapon at low ready (with the intent to use it) and yell at an angry mob of people. That right their is a good defenition of a soft target an impaired individual that has the means and ability to use deadly force. I think just because we are trained to do something dose not mean it is the proper course of action given the circumstances you are faced. Just seems like a really bad idea...but once again glad you came out on top

  4. First off, it looks like you used your training well, and to the best of your ability. I hope you heal fast, and continue to protect those around you in the future.

    The thing I'm puzzled about, is the account of 10-15 people the police officer stated were around you. Did it seem these people were related, or did they somehow manage to convince those around them to join in on the assault. Most people don't like the sheepdog, and alcohol certainly brings out the worst in people, so it doesn't surprise me if a lot of group members weren't even related, but shared a common hatred towards security and LEO's.

    Pretty scary story indeed, but you did the right thing. Drawing and firing your weapon would've eliminated a few BG's, but your weapon would have likely been confiscated, and used against you by a completely overwhelming force. We could very well be reading a fatality report, and not one from you directly.

    Once again, heal quickly, and feel good about the event knowing you did everything possible in your ability to control an out of control situation. Too bad the majority of people around probably just stood and watched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    I know that hurt but they did not get your gun and you are still alive.
    I agree with this statement.

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    Next time you draw that detail you may want to wear the red man suit. It would actually look quite tasteful at most rap concerts and certainly allow you to sustain much less damage when fighting off angry mobs hand to hand.

    Seriously ... glad to hear your OK, you did good ... but you were also lucky and I think you know it.

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    CST, How are you doing?
    Semper Fi

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    Glad to hear you are doing better.

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    I'm glad to hear that you are going to be ok I wish I could of been there to lend an helping hand or at least take some of blows I get really upset when I hear how these cowards attack. Life has a funny way of working itself out and hopefully you will run into some of these dirtbags where the odds are in your favor. Take care
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    ...and they say that fully automatic weapons have no SD purpose.

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