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    Good morning fellow gun enthusiasts. Could someone or some people please give me a little insight on what type of primers I should purchase from cabellas? At some point, I would like to start learning how to reload and I figured I'd buy a few supplies to have them on hand throughout the learning process.

    I plan to reload 9mm, .380, .40 and .45. Could you all help me figure out what to buy?

    Thank you very much.
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    Welcome to a whole new world of fun and another "money pit", but this one saves you money; more or less. Once you get all of your equipment and supplies then the fun begins.
    Good luck finding any selection of primers! Right now they are the hardest component to find, but they are out there if you
    look around enough. Do yourself a favor and when you do find some, buy whatever amount you think you might possibly
    need for the next two years or so and go ahead and buy them now rather than later.
    You will need Small Pistol primers for the .380, 9mm and .40 rounds and Large Pistol for the 45. I have been a big fan of
    Winchester 231 for many, many years now and it's never let me down, but there are many fine powders out there so you
    might find that a different one works more to your liking; experiment.
    Cabelas usually has some selection of primers, but not always. You might also check with Weidners and MidwayUSA.
    Prices have gone up drastically over the last two years for a couple of reasons and they have been very scarce. If you
    find some I suggest that you order them immediately rather than "think it over". In this environment, if you snooze you
    loose. I'm a tight wad, but lately price has not been much of a consideration as much as availability. Fortunately, I stocked
    up a couple of years ago so I'm pretty well set, but your hunt is just beginning.
    Brands: I would stick with CCI, Remington, Winchester or Federal. Magtech seems to make good primers as does PRVI
    but you probably want to stay away from Wolf unless that is all you can get.
    Good luck and have fun!
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    Like Outtahere has indicated, WELCOME to the world of re-loading.

    I would only add this to his great reply.

    If you are using stock guns then just about any primer will work for you. And by stock I mean just that, no work to any springs at all.

    Once you start messing with new springs, action jobs and such the primer thing really comes into play.

    I have several guns that do not fire 100% with Winchester primers. This will also include CCI primers. Federal small pistol and small rifle primers work 100% of the time for me with these guns. There is a slight difference with small pistol and small rifle magnum primers. The cup is slightly harder with magnum primers. I have not had a problem with the magnum primers in any event.

    And as Outtahere mentioned, buy what you can when you can.

  5. Thank you gentlemen. Very much!
    Retired US Army Medic
    Proud Husband, Dad and Christian

  6. I would buy a good reloading book to get you started on the right track.It will give You the best start! Good Luck and Thanks for Your service to OUR Country!

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    Everything the above posters said. And welcome to the site. Dont walk by a pack of primers.
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    I've used federal and Winchester, and haven't had any issue with either. The only thing about ordering them is that you're going to pay an extra $20-30 just for the HAZMAT shipping, or whatever they are calling it, on top of your regular shipping cost. If you've seen them for sale anywhere close to home, factor that into your price to make sure it's worthwhile. The last time I looked, Cabela's had the best deal on other components, and Midway was better on hardware - die sets, powder measurers, etc... Even with the shipping costs (not including primers) I came out better splitting my order between the two places.

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