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Thread: Woman Robbed Inside Walmart

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    Thumbs down security guards

    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    Walmart is just reacting like any big corporation. The lawyers and insurance companies have everyone bambozled. The "security guards" are for appearance only and are there to cut down on shop-lifting. They have quasi-police uniforms and no gun.
    Nothing's ever gonna change - the vast majority of people rely on the authorities to keep them safe. Even in shall-issue states look at how few people actually get a permit.
    right on tex when i worked security we were told that we could only "detain" people for shoplifting other than that tell management and/or call the cops
    molon labe

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    " Attention , Attention.... please bring a cleanup crew and mops to Aisle 7 in curtains, there is blood and a body in the aisle".

    When will people wake up ? You are on your own ! ! !

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