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Thread: What's the worst POS firearm you have ever owned? (revisted)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkgunner View Post
    Jennings 9mm.
    Dude! Be careful with that thing. They're known for certain defects. I'd turn it in at the next gun buyback program. It's that bad!

    Check out this news story where three people were hurt at a range due to one of those defects:
    Three Hurt in Gun Range Accident | TheLedger.com

    If the trigger gets pulled while the safety is on, then the safety is turned off, it could fire without touching the trigger, or when bumped. This has happened so often that Jennings 9mm pistols are banned in some states due to safety concerns.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kn1080 View Post
    A .40 cal made by star. Im still too pissed off to talk about it.
    I hope I'm not poking a sore spot, but I'd actually like to hear about this. What kind of Star was it? I've heard nothing but good things about the Firestar.

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    At the moment a Ruger M77 Hawkeye. Only one I've ever sent back to the factory. In the past a Remington M 597 22 auto. It'd shoot 3 rounds and jam,shoot 3 and jam. Biggest waste of metal I've ever had my hands on.
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    A Walther P38. I picked it up used and basically gave it away. With normal factory ammo the slide would go back too far and jam. Got that fixed with a new main spring and then the ejector fell out. Fixed that and traded it in on something else, I think a black powder pistol. Never owned a Walther since, although I do understand that they are a worthwhile piece.

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    I stopped using the Jennings as soon as the slide stopped fully returning. That was years ago. I have no plans on trying to fire it or waste money trying to get it fixed, if any reputible gun smith would touch it.

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    Its a tossup between a jennings 9mm and a keltec 40 cal. the jennings always jammed (jamming jennings) and the keltec was just plain horrible. Ended up breaking it.

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    S&W SW40VE Sigma in .40 S&W. Worst trigger I've ever tried. Traded it back in pretty quickly.

    I do have to admit that this pistol ran fine during the time I was trying it. There were no mechanical problems whatsoever. It is still the worst firearm that I have owned, however.
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    Charter Arms Bulldog .44 special. The quality left a lot to be desired.

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    to all,

    a River Arms 16 guage single barrel.= bought it at a garage sale, refinished the stock, for a truck gun (that i wouldn't care if it was stolen) & couldn't even find anyone, who would take it for free.

    yours, TN46

  11. Beretta 25 caliber Jet Fire.

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