gen 4 Glock 22 capture rod?
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Thread: gen 4 Glock 22 capture rod?

  1. gen 4 Glock 22 capture rod?

    Hello all, new to the site. I have a gen 4 Glock 22. The capture rod and springs are dropping down when I try to take the weapon apart for cleaning. Making it very hard to dismantel for a Glock? After take down, the capture rod has dropped to the second notch? Not setted in the first notch where it should be. With the weapon put back together, if I pull the slide back to lock position and you look at the end of the capture rod at the muzzle. It is off set to the left side? Not centered? This has be be generating more wear under fire at the contact point (capture rod and barrel)??? Anyone have this problem? Any news from Glock on this? It has me worried that something could fail at a very bad time! I've never had any problems with my Glocks in the past. very nice systems! but now I almost want to go back to an earler model G22? Any help would be great! Thanks!

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    you might want to check into a recoil buffer for your glock. I use one in mane and it has helped with the problem of the rubbing issue

  4. Didn't know there was such a thing. Did it keep the rod / spring in place? Fix the problem i'm having? if it is realy a problem. it just seem's to me this could be designed better.IMO Any others having this issue?

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    the one i have is from buffer technologies. there web site is Buffer Tech - Home Page it ran me about $10. As a glock armorer and gunsmith i recommend using using it it will help reduce felt recoil, enhance muzzle control and stop slide to frame impact. on mine it helps keep the guide rod in the same place. the glock in a great design but you can always improve on it with a few aftermarket parts. I also recommend getting a extended mag release it will make life much easier fro you when shooting

  6. Check out the forum on there a couple threads about it. Mine does the same thing. You'll read why there. I don't want to re-type info/


  7. Thanks for the reply's guy's. I'll check into the buffer. Yep, I checked out a gen 4 at my local toy shop and it was about the same. I'm on Glock Talk, did'n see anything on it, I'll look again. Till next time...Thanks!

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