where do you store your handguns and ammo
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Thread: where do you store your handguns and ammo

  1. where do you store your handguns and ammo

    sounds like a funny question to ask.....but where do you store/keep your ammo. i've got a gun safe that also doubles as a safe area for my ammo. i've read that ammo and handguns should not be stored together. your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.:smile

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    I see no one has responded to your post. With that beiing said, I also keep Ammo in my safe with my Firearms. But Also, I keep A Few Loaded Handguns around house for Protection. I keep My RugerP345 Inside a wall Clock by the front door. I Custom made an holster for the side of my bed to hold my Smith & wesson .357 Mag And I, Have my Glock G20 Inside an Picture Frame in the Living Room Everything is +1 ready to go but most Important ,Safe. No-one Knows my Weapons are there But myself and, my wife.I 've always kept my Ammo with my Weapons Seems to me that if you need to get to the safe and, grab an weapon the last thing you want to do is go searching for Ammo. I Keep My Ammo in Order that my weapons are placed in safe that way I can Grab Right Ammo For Weapon even in the dark.

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    No one's answering because you're new, no one knows you, and this is kind of like asking "do you store your cash under your mattress, or buried in the backyard. You can trust me! My user name says I can be trusted!" lol....

    But I'll bite. I store my guns loaded, throughout the house, hidden, but in easy reach.

    Hidden because on the off chance that someone breaks in, I'd rather they take the TV and leave then for me to arm them. We have insurance anyway.

    Someone would have to be pretty stupid to rob us, I'm awake all night, sleep in the day, and am usually home. Both my wife and I are armed all the time, and sleep less than a foot away from several loaded guns with mounted flashlights. I'm a very light sleeper.
    I open carry in the neighborhood, so anyone casing the place knows I'm armed. Also, our front doorbell is disconnected (I don't like salesmen, and no one ever comes by that I want to see unless they call first), so there is that.

    I also have small cameras hidden all over the house, INSIDE. I don't really care who's outside as much as who, if anyone, has been inside. (Also, a local cop told me that the DEA is on the lookout for homes with cameras outside the house. I don't do drugs and don't break any laws, but I don't want any unneeded heat.)

    The cameras record to an off-site location (unlinked, non-public, password-protected web folder on the server space I use). So even if someone breaks in, and finds and steal the cameras, there's no hard drive on site to steal, and no way for them to delete the evidence.

    If any of this sounds a little, um, excessive, here's the short-form back story: I've lived in big cities most of my life, often in really crappy neighborhoods. I've been mugged twice, once with a knife to my throat. I've had my house broken into four times, twice while I was home. I've had to go to court to put a restraining order on someone who seriously wanted to kill me, and I still moved out of that city for added safety. (This was before I had guns. It was in San Francisco, a city where you cannot legally carry a gun.)

    I've somehow made it to age 45 without being killed. I've finally gotten to a place in my life that I can afford to live someone decent, and a couple of years ago I discovered something called "guns."

    I love life and I love my wife! I'm not taking any chances from here on out.

    Right Arm of Wyoming - RKBA rock and roll.

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    I keep gun in safe/loaded of course and the ammo in a military ammo can. Keeps it water tight and safe easy to grab to take with me for shooting. I'm not worried about having a battle at the OK corral in my house. For two reasons I live in a safe neighborhood in a very safe town and I'm a really good shot

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    None of your biz-nez where I store my firearms, or Ammo. All I will say is, I store both in safe places.

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    I have one pistol with me 24/7 . when it is not on my side i have it with in close reach at all times. My rifle is in the closet within easy reach and my 45 long colt leaves in a holster fully loaded beside the bed. and as for ammo it is in a ammo can so I can grab and go.

  8. thanks for the replies:)

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    I keep the guns and the carry ammo in the same safe. Target ammo is in the lock box in the basement.

    Top shelf: .45acp and .40S&W, carry ammo on the same shelf with loaded mags at the ready.

    Bottom shelf: .357 Mag with 2 speed loaders. Box of 357B's in the back corner.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    I have no problem telling where I store my stuff. I have five full sized safes storing my firearms. All of my firearms are loaded and ready to go. If I open a safe all I have to do is pick up one and use it if I need it. So I do keep firearms and ammo together. I've posted before where I keep my bulk ammo. I have a section of wall that is full of ammo cans full of ammo. It keeps it dry and accessible.
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    I store my ammo in my firearms and my firearms on my person. It is amazing how many you can carry if you dress appropriately.
    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. - Ronald Reagan

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