Taurus model 738 Ultra Compact ACP 380
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Thread: Taurus model 738 Ultra Compact ACP 380

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    Taurus model 738 Ultra Compact ACP 380

    Does anyone have one of these sub compacts?? If so how does it perform. Any jams, failures, etc. It has at least one feature that I like which is the slide stays open after last round downrange. Other subcompacts, ie Ruger LCP and others do not. Is it fairly easy to bring back on target after firing??

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    So I guess no one owns one of these??? I have read where there are problems with stove pipe jams... Must be only a few in the field...

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    Yeah, I own one, My PT738 has performed as advertised, so far. I'm real pleased with it and would recommend the weapon to anyone. Of course I still use my PT145 as primary, and alternate my PT709 & 738 as bug...

  5. Taurus tcp 380

    I just bought one with a carbon fiber frame but i dont know why this frame is not in the taurus site catalog .It will be a while till i shoot it .

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    I would take a Taurus semi auto as a gift, but would never buy or depend my life on one.

  7. I have a TCP 738, and I am very satisfied with it. I previously had a Kel-Tech P3AT, but I found that the TCP fits me a little better and is easier for me to shoot. Accuracy is surprisingly good at defense ranges, and my pistol has been very reliable with a variety of ball and JHP ammo. Because it is small enough for pocket carry in the Kirkpatrick Leather holster I have for it, I am more likely to take it with me when I am out and about.

  8. I had the Taurus TCP. It sucked bad. Failure to eject every 2nd round, sent it to Taurus, they sent it back and it failed to eject every 4th round. Returned it and got my money back. Crap gun, crap company.

  9. My son bought a TCP and it has worked very well. I finally choked it with some reloaded ammo that wasn't taper crimped quite enough. He's shot 4 kinds of factory ammo including HP and FMJ w/o any jams and mostly the same POI using the CT laser. I'll stick with a bigger gun w/more powerfull ammo but if 380 ACP is acceptable to you, the TCP seems to be an OK applicator.

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