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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Of the brands you've mentioned, I'd recommend Taurus and maybe Charter Arms, depending on what model of gun you're looking for.

    If price is a major issue for you, I'd suggest you check out "pre-owned" firearms made by the more popular manufacturers like Glock, S&W, Springfield Armory, Sig, etc. If they don't have a nice selection of pre-owned firearms at your local gun shop, check out the deals online at places like, or Local pawn shops may also have good deals.

    If you're gonna buy a gun for SD, you may as well purchase a quality product.

    +1. When it comes to self defense, personal protection, etc... "cheap" does not come to mind. If price is an issue then the Taurus out of the list you mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Of the ones you mentioned I would go with the Taurus or Charter Arms. Better yet I would really look hard to see if I had something that I could sell to add more money to give me more choices. Sell your t.v. your watch, stereo equipment. I cringe when I here someone say they are looking for a cheap gun. How much is your life worth? For a little more money you could have a glock. A really good gun for the price. I am not trying to be hard on you. I just would rather you find some place else to save than on something you may need to protect yourself or a loved one. IMHO.
    I'm with HK4U and feel very strongly about the inexpensive CCW firearm... don't do it! A cheapie just might not go "bang" when you most need it to do so . One can buy a good condition, name brand, reliable, used firearm on your budget. If not for you, what are your loved ones lives worth?
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    I too am retired and live on a fixed income, I own three Taurus pistols; .380 TCP, 9mm PT709ss, & the .45 PT145. All three are very dependable weapons and I'd place their quality alongside S&W, Colt, Ruger anyday. Of course all three can be purchased for under $350 ea. NIB. If your looking for a wheelgun check out Rossi, they make some great wheelie's at an affordable price too.

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    I've got a Taurus PT99 that is my primary carry. I got it used with two 18 round magazines for about $225 from a dealer. The original owner was a cop, and he traded it for something else. I have put about 3000 rounds through this gun, and have never had a problem at all. I've put a few hundred rounds through it over the course of a weekend without cleaning it, and never an issue.

    If it's just money that's going to make you buy something that may not go bang every time you pull the trigger, wait till you can save more.

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    youd be better off saving your money from buying a high point and giving it to the bad guys robbing you in hopes they go away...keltec and charter arnt bad

  7. Ok, if I just counted that right:

    Taurus: 8 YES 0 NO
    Charter: 5 YES 0 NO
    Spend more: 5 YES 0 NO

    1 YES each for Ruger LCP, Bersa, Used, Sccy 9mm, Rossi and Kel-Tec
    1 NO for Phoenix
    2 NO, 1 YES for Hi-Point.

    If it's not already, add to your favorites, great place to check current prices. I use to check relative current ammo prices, too. often has the best ammo prices, and everything they show online is in stock.

    Let us know what you pick!

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