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    Question Gun Manufacturers

    Hi all. I'm looking for pros & cans on several different manufactuers. I'm considering getting a CCW but have a small budget to start with. I'm looking for info on; Hi-Point, Phoenix Arms, Taurus, Charter Arms and Cobra Hand Guns. Thanks for your input!


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    I would never trust my life to a Hi-Point, although if you polish the feed ramp they can be semi-reliable. Stock they will jam up on you when you need them most.

    I myself have a S&W Sigma SW40VE and i am going to use it for CCW but its full sized and i am kicking myself for not getting the RUGER LCP, which were both $299 when i bought them at buds gun shop.

    New Ruger LCP .380 for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $299.00

    I highly recommend the Ruger LCP for a CCW gun.

    If you want a full sized handgun the Sigma like mine is extremely reliable but not small.

  4. I purchased a Bersa 380 thunder plus 15 round mag. for 420.00 @ tax very reliable and perfect size. dont trust your life to a cheap gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrys0227 View Post
    Hi all. I'm looking for pros & cans on several different manufactuers. I'm considering getting a CCW but have a small budget to start with. I'm looking for info on; Hi-Point, Phoenix Arms, Taurus, Charter Arms and Cobra Hand Guns. Thanks for your input!

    Of the brands you've mentioned, I'd recommend Taurus and maybe Charter Arms, depending on what model of gun you're looking for.

    If price is a major issue for you, I'd suggest you check out "pre-owned" firearms made by the more popular manufacturers like Glock, S&W, Springfield Armory, Sig, etc. If they don't have a nice selection of pre-owned firearms at your local gun shop, check out the deals online at places like, or Local pawn shops may also have good deals.

    If you're gonna buy a gun for SD, you may as well purchase a quality product.

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    While I carry a Keltec, I own 2 Hi-Points. A 9mm, and a 40. Both have 1500 rds through and NO problems feeding or jamming.
    Fun guns,have their place(carry in my car as beater) but really to wide to carry very long.
    Only Phoenix I have is a 22, seems ok but heavy for the cal.
    I am looking for a Taurus rev as we speak,never heard of a problem with them.
    Only Charter Arms I have shoot was a 44 Bulldog, didn't care for it,YMMV
    Know nothing about Cobra.


  7. Here's my take:

    Hi Point: Definitely inexpensive, you can get a 9-round .40 or 10-round .45 for $160. The 10-shot 9mm is even cheaper (around $125), and ammo would be much more affordable. I'd stay away from the .380 because for the same money you can buy something more effective and ammo is ridiculously expensive right now. Most reviews I've read say they are pretty reliable if you find the ammo yours likes, but for self defense most say reliability is the number one thing you want. Cons are they are heavy and the ugliest sidearms I've ever seen. I think there is are better choices on your list.

    Phoenix Arms: I only know of their little .22, which is a very well made gun, and inexpensive, but I wouldn't recommend a .22 for protection.

    Taurus: This is what I use. You can get a .38+P shot revolver for $300. The Ultralite weighs only 17oz and would make an excellent choice. Feed reliability N/A, and you can stuff any .38 round in it, so you can shoot the cheaper 130-grain ball or 148-grain wadcutters for practice. For around $310 you can get a 5-shot .357, but they don't have an Ultralite and weigh more at 24oz. They also have a 651 Protector, with a snag-free shrouded hammer for $330. It's a 5-round .357. If revolvers aren't your thing, they have a PT-111 12-shot 9mm for $320 street price. Almost all reviews I've read love this 19oz pistol, and ammo would be the cheapest. Another plus for Taurus is their unlimited lifetime warranty - if anything ever breaks, send it to Taurus and they fix it for free. I've heard it might take several months to get your gun back, however, but its free. I use a 617 7-shot .357 revolver with custom grips.

    Charter Arms: For $310-$320 you can get a variety of 5-shot .38s, and being revolvers should be completely reliable. People like the current ownership from what I've heard. I think the Taurus revolvers for the same money are probably higher quality (and better looking), and they have that unlimited warranty, but I don't think Charter would be a bad choice.

    Cobra: Sorry, don't know a thing about them.

    Summary: I think the reliability of Taurus and Charter Arms revolvers would put them at the top of my list. Hi-Point in my experience are reliable if you get the ammo yours likes, but I think the main reason folks buy them is because of their low cost.

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    I would suggest you add the Sccy CPX-1 9mm to your list..
    Although they had some issues when they 1st started, they have built some solid pistols over the past year and a half or so..
    They only make one model the CPX-1 which is a 9MM copied after the Kel-Tek P-11, but built with more quality..
    It has a Stainless Steel slide and rails..

    You can pick up this pistol for $300 - and it comes with a Lifetime guarantee, two magazines, both extended and flat Magazine bases, and a child lock..
    IF you decide to consider this recommendation, just make sure you purchase a pistol with a S/N above 30,000..

    This is my daily carry...

    I have contacted Sccy twice, and both times they were VERY pleasant to work with and provided not only what I asked for, but more than I asked for..

    The pistol comes in all black as shown below, or two tone with a shiny SS Slide on top.

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    I like my HI-POINT C9. Like others have said, they are on the big side for a CCW but if that is where your $ range is then so be it. I would go to a HI-POINT user forum and check them out. I found that people either like them or bash them. I have found mine to be very reliable with no problems regardless of ammo. They have a lifetime warranty and from all I have read on them they have excellent customer service. I need something concealable given my occupation and am looking into Kel-Tec myself. There are so many choices out there it can be overwhelming. Someone suggested a good used gun from a reputable maker, that is also an option but check to see what sort of warranty the seller will provide or what sort of warranty the manufacturer will provide. Good luck in your quest.
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  10. I'd go with either the Taurus or Charter Arms.

    The rest are EXTREMELY cheap guns and, personally, I wouldn't trust my life to any of them working when I need them to. You get what you pay for.

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    Of the ones you mentioned I would go with the Taurus or Charter Arms. Better yet I would really look hard to see if I had something that I could sell to add more money to give me more choices. Sell your t.v. your watch, stereo equipment. I cringe when I here someone say they are looking for a cheap gun. How much is your life worth? For a little more money you could have a glock. A really good gun for the price. I am not trying to be hard on you. I just would rather you find some place else to save than on something you may need to protect yourself or a loved one. IMHO.
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