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Thread: Record numbers now licensed to pack heat

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    Interesting that the 6 million number roughly equates to the number of members that the NRA usually throws around. Probably quite a bit of overlap in both populations.
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    The fact that we have a dictator in office has not hurt either.
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    Decent article, just surprised it was on CNBC. (Communist Network Broadcasting Crap)


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    The Mr. Rand clown from the anti-gun group exposed himself in the article as being totally clueless in claiming that the concealed carry movement has failed to reach out to women. There is not one bit of data anywhere that would support that claim. The number of women that have become firearm owners since the conceal carry movement began has incresed significantly. But since when do anti-gun groups concern themselves with facts. Just throw the misinformation on the wall and see if it sticks. The Brady motto.

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