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Do you have to take another class to get the FL and Utah non resident permit? What is the procedure to get one? I have a S.C. CCW .
GOV5, as you probably already know, your S.C. permit is good in Florida... But if you had a Florida permit you would be good in GA, AL and MS. + a couple of others that don't recognize S.C. I'd get one... bad part is it's $117. Good part: Now to get the permit all you have to do is get copies of your SC permit calls completion/certificates and fill out the FL form and send it in with a finger print card. My experience with doing the Florida Permit is they are very friendly and helpful if you screw the form or something up.

NH used to be the next on the list of any S.C. permit holder because of it's low cost of $20. Last year they pulled a sneaky and upped the price to $100. On top of that they actually sent me a reminder with the $20 price and renewal application and when I sent it in.... (2 week window) they kicked it back.