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Thread: Springfield XD 357 Sig.

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    Springfield XD 357 Sig.

    Thinking about buying a XD in .357 sig, anyone know anything about this gun? Can I buy new barrels like you can for the Glock?

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    I don't know about buying new barrels, but I have an XD in 9mm and absolutely love it.


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    Yes you can buy a 40 cal. barrel for this gun. I have have one and I love it.
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    Thanks for the info.

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    I won't pretend to too smart about the XD line other than a friend of mine has in .40 cal. The thing shoots like a dream and I was truly surprised by this gun. I have been strongly considering the (3.8 compact) .40 XDm for concealed carry. It's just a matter of $$ for me right now but pretty much a done deal in my head.

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    The XD line is often compared to Glock. Some like it better then Glock. I have fired the 40 cal XD. I enjoy it.
    The 357SIG is loud, and rounds for it are expensive. If you can find them that is. Good luck finding practice rounds.
    That being said, the 357 SIG is a great performer in the self defense, and duty weapon category.
    If I remember correctly, the recoil is rather "snappy"
    The 357 sig fires a 9mm bullet. It's case is that of the .40cal. Think of it as a ++P9mm++. It can be compared to a .357, with a 125g HP load. (MANSTOPPER) it will put the hurt on drugged up pit bulls, and rabid bad guys.

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    I have the XDm-40. Can I purchase a .357 sig barrel for it? I'm kind of guessing that it's possible because my Sig P229R was originally a .40 and I have a drop-in .357 sig barrel for it.
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    i have a subcompact xd in .40 and love it. even my girlfriend loves it, mind you she does not like my smith and wesson m&p fullsized. she calles the xd her gun. haha ya right. i even had the very first xd ever made. we ll first generation anyways.


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    With an XD 40 you can buy a 357 sig barrel and shoot 357 sig through the same gun and magazines,(or vise versa) to shoot 9mm you need a new barrel and magazines. I'm not sure about the XDm. If you want to do some research check out this site...XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source! - Powered by vBulletin A lot of great info there. I have 2 XDs and an XDm and I love all 3!
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