Illinois resident wanting to conceal and carry
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Thread: Illinois resident wanting to conceal and carry

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    Illinois resident wanting to conceal and carry

    I live in Illinois and yes before you say it...I know I cant carry inside the state of Illinois and yes its stupid. I have a job where I drive and travel alot to other states that allow conceal and carry. I was wondering if I, an Illinois resident, could carry in other states that allowed conceal and carry.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have believed in conceal and carry for along time and whish my state would wake up but I do feel the need to protect myself when Im on the road. I am usually in the bad parts of town when I travel and have felt the need for a gun several times.

    If you could please fill me in how to do this. Thanks in advance!

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    U MAY apply for a ccw non-resident pennsylvania permit. good in 22 states.super fast turn around time.i think they cost around $26.00 & r good for 5 years.i've got mine do about 6 of my friends from illinois as well.

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    You can apply for





    all through the mail. PA will be the easiest, FL requires training but gives you several options to accomplish that training. UT requires SPECIFIC state authorized training.

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