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    Exclamation Butches bore cleaner

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this product? I have heard good and bad and was wanting some feedback on this product, or what some of you use to keep your babys barrel like new.

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    I haven't used one of those. I just use a brush and about a dozen pads. Some hopps then 3 in 1 oil.

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  4. Not sure of the product you are talking about. I have a crappy internet conection over here so often pages will fail to load. I have recently started using a bore snake to clean bores with. I tell you what that little thing is quick and easy. I enjoy cleaning my guns at home but here in the field I want to get the job done quick. A bore snake in the appropriate caliber is the way to go. I'm sure many of you know what I am talking about it is basically a nylon braided rope with a smaller shoe string size rope attached and a weight on the end. Just drop the weight down the tube and pull. I usually do 2 -3 passes and it is good to go.
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    The Bore Snake is great Gunny, I use it also, along with some Hoppe's spray cleaner, an a little Hoppe's oil.. works wonders on my GLOCK"S............ Hoppe's has been my favorites over the years, works good, and don't coast like some cleaners do.............. My opinion only.............
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