ArmsList a 'CraigsList' type site for Firearms.
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Thread: ArmsList a 'CraigsList' type site for Firearms.

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    ArmsList a 'CraigsList' type site for Firearms.

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    Looks like a good site. Thanks for posting!


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    Thanks for the posting. Now I have to check out the handgun private transfer laws!

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    This should be interesting! Wonder how long it's going to last before the Fun Boyz from DC shut it down for some reason?
    Seems to me IF you're purchasing from within your own state there should never be any problem what so ever. From
    across state lines might be another, but person to person should be legal regardless. Let's see how it goes.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

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    There is no law against advertising legal weapons for sale across state lines. Still need to obey interstate shipping rules. No justification to shut down the site. GunBroker is alive and well, and I'll bet this site grows.

  7. I think this is going to be a real hit.

    ARMSLIST - Free local gun classifieds. Buy, sell, or trade firearms in your local area.
    Still the leader in here with 29 sites in all: Top Gun Classifieds and Traders - The Best Local Online Classified Sites With Guns. - Rankings - All Sites

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    I can see the FBI, DHS etc paying very close attention to this site and any other like it......

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    Very cool! Thanks for posting.
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    This is an excellent site and I have used it more than once to meet with potential sellers. ++++1

  11. looks like a good site.there's nothing better than competition for the other guys. hopefully it will save us buyers in the pocket.

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