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  1. Beretta Px4 sub compact

    Does anyone know a good vendor who works on Beretta. I have a Beretta Px4 sub compact and would like the right side safety ground down, to make it more concealed carry friendly -- if you own one you know what I mean.

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    Check with beretta or your local shop. You don't need to grind anything down. The "big eared" safety controls on either side can be replaced by a factory "small ear" safety switch. They are readily available on the site.
    btw , don't ya love that little gun? I thought my wife would love another 9mm but i have not put it down since i got it for her. feels great , eats everything ,totally reliable and accurate as hell. The "snap grip" magazine pinky extension is really a well thought out feature. very cool. I have the fullsize .45 and love that too.
    good luck
    NEVER FORGET 9*11*01

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    I love the gun, no issues... are you referring to the decocker ?

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