Ever had this happen?
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Thread: Ever had this happen?

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    Ever had this happen?

    A few states require you to notify a homeowner that you are carrying when you are about to enter his/her home. Anyone ever been refused or requested to disarm? Even if not in a state that reuires it have any of your friends (spouses. roomies, others) that know you carry had a problem with doing so in their home or property?
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    SC requires me to notify and so far I have to say no one has asked me to leave it in my vehicle. One reason all my friends know I carry is so I don't have to tell them every time I'm over. Some of them now have or in the process of getting their CWP. If anyone ever ask me to disarm, as I walk back to my vehicle I'll tell them to call me and leave.
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    I don't have to inform here in TN. However, most people, that I would go into their home, know and I'm armed and have no problem with it.

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    Do you have to inform in FL? I don't really go to a lot of "new" people's houses so it hasn't come up. If I didn't have to tell them, I probably wouldn't as they shouldn't ever see it. But if someone did and had a problem with it, I wouldn't have a problem putting it in the car and then most likely not go there anymore!

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    Don't ask don't tell.

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    Duty to inform for lawful CCW in a private residence

    IIRC, the only States that have a duty to inform and obtaining permission prior to entering a residence are AK (AS 11.61.220 (B)), AR (AC 5-73-306 (19)(D)), LA (LRS 40:1379.3.O) and SC. All other States are fair game.

    I didn't bother to look up the SC law since I can't CCW there anyway.
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    As stated, here in AR we have to have premission..i've never asked thus i've never been denied..also as stated above, I too, if denied, would walk back to the car/truck after saying, "see ya, call me" etc
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    i as Red Hat live in SC. that requires notification, all my friends know I carry and have never denied or said anything to me... I guess there true friends and enjoy my company, because as Red I would leave..........
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    I don't believe in MI we have to, was not told that in the ccw class. i did have a father dropping off his child a couple of years ago ask if i had any gun's in the house, kind of odd I taught, I said nope, today if i was asked that it would be a completely different conversation.
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    My dad knows that i carry, and he has asked me to take it off when i enter his home. It dosent bother me cause its my dad. As far as i know i dont have to inform anybody.
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