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    This should be a nice place to start this post. I hope we get some intersting comments.

    I live and have lived for over 20 years + full time in a Motor Home. I am CCW in over 38 states. ?????? yeh sure depends on the law again.

    I was informed by a retired Chief of Police that there is a law that protects/allows any one that carries a weapon in his Motor home if used as a primary residence.

    Now I have done many searches and have not found any copy of that law.

    Has anyone any knowledge of such a law?

    Have a nice day,

    Mr Bob

    CCW Glock 19 , Besrsa Thunder 380
    12 Guage Riot Gun for Rabbits.

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    I also used to travel around the country in a Class A, Airstream Landyacht being my primary residence. I often wondered what the law was on having weapons in the Motor/ Home. This is before I gave a crap about CCW and just carried period.
    I guess now you would have to have somewhere as a primary residence, or home base so you could say where your license is from? Maybe some Full timers can offer some answers here, as I am thinking about becoming a Full timer again. Nothing like the open road!

  4. varies by jurisdiction

    In California:
    If you are travelling, the gun must be in a locked container separate from the ammunition and not in the glove compartment even if it is lockable.
    If you are camped (hooked up in a campground) (parked, leveled, awning out, etc. if dry camping) then your motorhome or camper is treated as a private residence.

    I carry "Traveler's Guide ot the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States" so that in case I'm hasseled I can at least show that I am trying to comply with the local laws.

    Good luck & wave as you pass by me.

  5. where can i get a copy of this guide

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    I am so jealous!

    It has been my dream to buy a Class A motorhome and live on the road full-time with my wife and two kids.

    I've been trying to get a small vitamin/supplement business going well enough to make this work. But, I have to find some more distribution outlets for our products first.

    God willing; one day I may be out there with some of you.

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    Amazon has it

    Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States, 2010 by J Scott Kappas Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States

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    Generally, when the motorhome is on the road moving, it is considered to be a motor vehicle and a state's motor vehicle carry/transportation laws will apply. Once the motorhome is stationary and set up, it is considered a residence and the private property/residence laws will apply. It all depends upon which state you are in at the time, except if you are travelling from state to state, and then you may use Federal law 18 USC 926A to transport your firearm, if you so choose.

    There is no requirement in California to transport a firearm separate from the ammunition, by the way.

  9. Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States, 2010 by J Scott Kappas

    Available also from NRA if you want to let them make the profit on the deal rather than some outfit that doesn't care.

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