Brady Bunch Scores Vermont 8pts out of 100pts
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Thread: Brady Bunch Scores Vermont 8pts out of 100pts

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    Brady Bunch Scores Vermont 8pts out of 100pts

    Brady Score Card of Vermont Gun Laws.
    We scored 8 out of a possible 100 points.

    Of course, the Brady Bunch isn't saying that
    the states with their lowest scores have the
    lowest crime rates and the states with their
    highest rating have the highest crime rates.

    I really envy VT. I love going up for visits. Concealed and Open Carry allowed without permit! Can't wait to go camping up there this summer.

    Gun Owners of Vermont

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    We have to have a permit to conceal carry in Utah, but Utah is the only state that scored zero. The PRCA is the only state to score 4 stars. The complete list of states is linked below.

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