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Thread: What is the Cost in Your County?

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    Nevada, brother-in-law gave me the gun took it to the police station they did a backround check filled out some papers and left with my gun police station is about 2mi. from my house cost 0.00

  3. A little clarification here. In Missouri no permit is required to open carry. If you get a CCW license, there are fees involved. I've had my license for quite a while-just did my second renewal. Initial cost went something like this:
    class w/certificate=$100
    inital background and FBI fingerprint=$100
    3 year license/renewal=$50
    gas and aggravation=$50
    replacement driver license/state id w/CCW tag=$15-$25
    I chose to have my CCW tagged on a state id(nondriver license) so it doesn't show on my regular driver license

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobuck View Post
    I chose to have my CCW tagged on a state id(nondriver license) so it doesn't show on my regular driver license
    Really? You can do that? I can see a non-driver license being issued to someone who doesn't have a drivers license. But issuing both to the same person seems to defeat at least one purpose of connecting it to the drivers license in the first place. I would assume that when a LEO runs your drivers license, your CCW shows up then, no?
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  5. nondriver license

    The CCW notation shows up on about everything. When my daughter was a dispatcher for the county 911, she drove one of my vehicles to work daily. One of the new,young state troopers was in horndog mode and ran the plate for registration one night. Next day, he asked daughter why the car was registered to someone else(maybe he thought she was married) and why did the owner have a CCW license. I guess they can find that info just from backtracing a vehicle registration. She lined his butt up about her marital status and the ethics of running a license check just to get info on a female he had the hots for.
    I think she might have indicated I was not too tolerant of unwanted suitors-even with badges.
    And,yes, I do carry two state ID's not crosslinked. There are some things not for public discussion.

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    In SC there is no permit required to own and use a handgun. My CCW class cost $50. Fingerprints were $5. Permit application is $50 for first four years. Renewal will be $50 for next 5 years.

  7. In Florida, we don't have to have a license to buy, or own a handgun. CCW, yes, but not just to buy. Glad for another reason I'm not in NY.

  8. Too much, should be free!

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    Exclamation Okaloosa Co. FL

    Okaloosa Co. FL
    42.00 fingerprint fee
    75.00 licensing fee
    plus whatever the training class and passport photo cost you.

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