What is the Cost in Your County?
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Thread: What is the Cost in Your County?

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    What is the Cost in Your County?

    What is the cost to obtain a handgun license in your county.
    I am not talking about the license fee. I am talking about the total cost including the license fee and to be fair, I am excluding the actual cost of a gun.
    It starts with the decision to buy a handgun.
    In my county, this is a 1 year process.
    You must first get an application; have it signed in duplicate by four references. You must get 4 fingerprint cards, obtain a NRA Safety course certificate, get 4 passport photos, purchase a Money Order, and have the application Notarized.
    I have put together a calculator on my website to add the totals.
    Would you be surprised to know that before you can even buy a handgun you may have to spend $300.00 or more first?
    Now you can go out and buy a $300 to 800 handgun.
    For some people this is a weeks pay, for others it is a days pay.
    I am asking USACarry Members to calculate your costs and then post the following info here:
    In Erie County New York my license cost me $351.25
    Because the mileage involved as well as parking etc varies the spread will vary.
    Here is the link for a Pistol License Calculator.

  3. We don't have gun permits here but a Concealed Carry permit costs $20 a year and takes about a week to get.

    It used to be $15, but the Sheriff got tired of having to keep change for a $20 on hand.

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    Newton county Missouri license cost $ 0.00 we don't have such a thing the only up front cost is the gas it takes to get to the gun shop.
    Good luck God speed
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    Here in NC my total cost was; $100 for the Safety Course & $98 for the Permit. I've heard others say their costs were less, but I'm a firm believer in the aphorism; "You only recieve the quality you pay for..."
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    In SC the class cost me $90 this included the photo, fingerprints and class.
    Being a disabled vet the actual permit was free.
    Cost of class and permit including postage to mail $92.75
    Money spent in gunshop while waiting to get my turn on the range---we won' go there.

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    I live in Chattooga County Ga. and we have to pay $40 to the Sheriff Dept for finger printing and a background check, then we pay $20 to Probate Court and our CCP lasts for 5 years.

  8. 20.00/year in Pike County Alabama.

  9. The Gun Center,in Erie county,NY, charges $55 for the NRA safety course and includes application,photos and notary.

  10. Pittsylvania County Virginia 50 $ handgun safety course, 50$ permit cost .50 to mail it to me :) 23 days from paying circuit court clerk to in my hand

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    Around here you need a Drivers License but do not actually have to have one, just be 21, have a clean record and valid ID. Drive or walk to the gun shop, pick out gun, pay for gun, walk out. Pick up Roses and Candy for Wife on the way home. Depends on how much you want to spend on Roses and Candy as to cost of getting gun if you exclude the actual cost of the gun.

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