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  1. Oh I have no objections to the online auctions, I just can't participate myself. Sorry, felt the need to elaborate for clarity! Support them all!
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. - Author Unknown ----------- Nos laetus epulor qui would domito nos. - Morticia Addams

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    I have excellent experince with cheaperthandirt . Com
    and budsgunshop.com. I have bough 2 guns from buds
    way cheaper than gunbroker, getting ready to get my xdm3.8
    next! Just got my doublestar AR 15 yesterday, hell half the price
    EVERYTHING I have seen around. Super fast shipping from both
    going to do more bussiness now.... C-YA! :biggergrin!:

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    I've made about 10 purchases though GunBroker and GunsAmerica. GA is generally a little higher, but will sometimes have things its GIANT cousin, GB, does not. I highly recommend both. I also recommend calling the seller if an item is not new and judging his sincerity by his voice.

  5. Using internet firearm auctions?

    I started using GB 5 or 6 years ago for selling an occasionally firearm. I found out that if you monitor the site and find out what your particular firearm is worth you can sell it for what its worth instead of taking it to a gun show and allowing a dealer to take advantage of you. I would recommend using GB because they require everyone to submit a credit card which ensures a little more fraud protection for a buyer. Good part is everything has to go thru a licensed FFL dealer and the US government has no beef. Shop around for a dealer who promotes the FFL transfer system. Costs will very from $10 dollar per transfer to over $50 dollars. Some dealers detest the system because they feel the system is cheating them from a sale. I personally know dealers who make several hundred a month from tranfers and in turn builds their customer base. Have fun, keep shooting and don't forget to vote in November because were going to "transform' this country back to "sensible government control".

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