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    Facebook Like Added To USA Carry

    I know a lot of users on USA Carry have Facebook accounts, I'm friends with a lot of you and there's also over 1700 fans of the USA Carry page there.

    Yesterday, Facebook announced you can add their "Like" buttons to your website so I've added it to USA Carry. If you like a thread or another page of the site, you can just click on that button and it will post it to your Profile Wall.

    I know there's some of you that don't have Facebook accounts and won't use it. This feature won't affect you guys at all. Just another way to get USA Carry more exposure. Thanks for making this site as great as it is!

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  3. Thanks for the site!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Thanks for making this site as great as it is!
    It wasn't US, Luke...! YOU did it!! And Thanks!

    "Liking" USACarry tonight when I get home!
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    NC face book

    there is a face book page about the NC Castle Doctrin law that might be of some interest

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    Thumbs up

    Just joined the F/B page Robert...And Luke thank you for this Awesome site.

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