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    If you type in the NRA ID # and the last name, it'll tell you what credentials and how long until they expire.

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    When they switched over to this new system some months ago, they had no cap on your experation date. Now if you are current, it will not allow you to pay in and get two more years. The first day, it would. My credentials expire in 2021.

    I was trying for a lifetime certification and ran out of money. Lol. The next day, it was corrected to only let you renew if you were due to expire.

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  4. We should be asking for a better system than this. Folks who are instructors should -want- to be found as instructors (I do) and relying on the ID number we use to order materials is obviously bad. (1- There should be something more secure controlling who those materials are sold to and 2- Since there isn't, we should not be handing that number out freely). Why not a web page that let's you type in a name? Before NRA's site came on line I used an acquaintances page that let instructors in my area self register... it was a good utility. NRA has the worlds largest or second largest advertising firm running their site, it doesn't seem like name verification should be hard.

  5. Indeed we should. I have been pinging John Howard about a couple things related to the website off and on for the last few months. Ideally, I would like to see the website developers and a working group of TCs and instructors come together ad develop some requirements and on-going feedback. There are more than a few of us out here that have a background in IT, and that may be part of the problem with the website- not enough internet-savvy and web server savvy users giving input into functionality requests.

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