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    wepon lights

    hey everyone.. got questions for all... who uses a wepon mounted light on their guns? what kind?

    i use a streamlight tlr-2 with the new c4 chip. bright as all hell. its back up light s a streamlight stinger hp led (handheld)

    just curious to what you use. also anyone use a green laser? is there much of a diff besides price and uses more power than a red laser??

    what are your thoughts on nightsights?

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    The only weapon light I have is a surefire attached to my AR, just because I didn't really use that particular Surefire. I have Crimson Trace red lasers on my Glock 26 and Ruger LCP. I've used a green laser before but haven't seem that much of a different myself. I also have nightsights on all of my pistols.

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    Started out with a M6X and switched to the TLR-2 a couple of years back.... Just a few hints for you though...

    They can still get hot enough in the pocket to burn you, so invest in a belt clip.... Yeah mine switched on more than once....

    Use a boar sight laser and set the beams to parallel and not diverge, they way you can just remember that the actual impact point it 2" above in close and at range it will be dead on and not high....
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    I have an M3X on my Beretta Vertec as my bedside gun. Also sprang for the holster to carry it mounted which works great during those really dark nights after a tropical storm or hurricane . The Vertec also has CT grips so a nice package the combo makes.

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    For home defense I use a Streamlight Polytac. $45.00 so no major expense and it's 120 Lumens bright. I have 2 kids and a wife in the house so the idea of having the light mounted on the gun makes me a little uneasy. I would rather not have to point the gun where I would like the light to be. I have a Crimson Trace laser on the .45 that I keep ready for the late night what if.

    The next tactical flashlight I will be buying is the Brite Strike BD-198-HLS-2C Tactical Blue Dot Series 198-Lumen Hi Lo Strobe 2-Cell LED Flashlight.
    Best buy for the money..

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  7. The only thing I have along those lines is a Surefire Responder forearm on the 1100 that's the primary house gun. The 6P that's on the forearm is a weapon unto itself in low light conditions.

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    nice 6 shooter. i just looked them up. nice lights, but a little expensice. thats why i go with streamlight, bright and tough and not so expensive. maybe you would want to spend the $50 extra bucks on the light ur looking at and get this one insted...

    BDRC-HLS RECHARGEABLE (Hi/Lo/Strobe) same as what ur looking at but is a recharge insted of those very pricey lithium batts. i have a streamlight tl-3 and it eats the batts for dinner. i hate thoses $10 for 2 batteries. my light takes 3 and runs for an hour then dead. now its recharge all the way!

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    Scope mounts from Walmart and a 4.00 LED flashlight from Autozone.

    Works great.

    ...oh were you talking about my handgun?

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