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    Need advice from AK experts

    Here is a picture of my very early issue MAK-90.

    The threads on the end of the barrel are intact and this one didn't have the side of the receiver ground and MAK-90 Sporter stamped/engraved on it. It still just says MAK-90.

    It currently has a bell style compensator on it because without it, it becomes a SBR because of the barrel length only being 14 1/2 inches with the compensator pictured. The kid I bought this off of didn't even know he was walking around with an illegal class 3 weapon.

    Fortunately he still had the longer 3 inch compensator and I have since had a friend very carefully tack weld it on so it's legal but can be removed when I find a compensator that I like better. I'm looking at a combo compensator/flash suppressor that looks really cool to replace it with.

    My question is, notice how the front slant on the gas tube runs right into the front sight? The shortest barreled MAK-90 that I have been able to find a picture of on the internet has what looks like 2-3 inches of barrel between the gas tube and the front sight. What gives? Is this some sort of "paratrooper" version or did someone actually cut the barrel?

    Look on the right side of the picture and you can see it, I don't have a digital camera so I'm borrowing the sellers pictures.

    Also if you'll look at this one, it has a rear sight that graduates to 1000m instead of the 800m limit that I've heard all MAK-90s had and it has a windage adjustment knob on the right side that you can't see that adjusts the back sight left and right. What's up with that? Aftermarket?

    I've heard that that the barrel should be measured from the tip to the breach opening, but the barrel extends further into the receiver than that. So should I be measuring from end to end?

    I want this thing to be legal because I certainly don't want a felony and I don't want to loose the gun either because, as you know, this is a coveted AK model.

    Oh, and I've since moved the red dot sight to the front rail over the gas tube because the receiver cover is way too loose.

    Suggestions, info, comments??

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    Measure the barrel length how the BATFE does.

    With the bolt closed, drop a wooden dowl down the barrel, mark on the dowl where the muzzle ends, remove dowl and measure length (end of dowl to mark).

    If it's under 16", then it will be considered a SBR. So, you'll need to permanently attach a muzzle device to get it over 16" or submit a Form 1 to make a SBR.
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